Downloadable content is killing the game

Which? Convo: There was a time when you could buy a video game, take it home and play through all there was to offer without spending any more pocket money. Dreaded downloadable content has destroyed that dream.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Really? You guys are so right! Making map packs in first person shooters to keep things fresh is such a Bad thing!

New stuff stinks! Especially new quests for FALLOUT because more replay value makes the game so horrible!

Mortal Kombat 9 is so horrible because they're making us pay for new characters that will let us try new ways to play :(

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Sucks because they released a full Expansion pack "Vietnam" and they made us pay for more hours of enjoyment :(


techie2683d ago

Yeah, there's no context at all because articles are only about their titles and intros - there's no more writing to actually read.


xX-StolenSoul-Xx2683d ago

I actually did read it, they talk about early dlc created before the game.

For example Mk9 Classic costumes which were a preorder bonus and created before games release, obv i still don't care since i still did buy the pack. If they want to make dlc before the game comes out who cares? as long as they already gave us a reason to buy the game in the first place dlc is a bonus.

techie2683d ago

But don't you feel a bit used?

RedDead2682d ago

Yeah you not feel a bit ripped off? You payed 50 for the game...and payed more for a few costumes that would have been included in the full game last gen

Yi-Long2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

...however, in 9 out of 10 cases, it's simple DLC-milking, it reeks of content that's been cut from the retail-release, and the price is too much.

DLC this generation has made me spend LESS on games. Not more. Whenever a game has DLC-milking, I just refuse to buy the game until there's a complete version a half year later in the bargain-bin.

anasurimbor2682d ago

You're an idiot!

(No sarcasm)

techie2682d ago

I do think DLC-milking has turned into a horrible creature. Some publishers get it right, others like EA, get it wrong.

Hellbound19782682d ago

No matter who is at blame....consumers or game companies, the cat is out of the bag and he isn't going back in! The glory days of rewarding gamers with secret weapons\levels\characters are over (All that has a $$$ value now). DLC is here to stay and IMO you will never buy another game that will be what it could have been (At least on a console that has an online connection). Believe them if you want but, even the most respected devs are purposely taking stuff out to sell later (Sad but true).

So is it killing the game? No just making it less rewarding. What you're left with is a $60 (Plus tax) game that has $30 worth of content.

techie2682d ago

:( Sad days indeed. Making games less fun - isn't that strangling gaming?

bestofthebest2682d ago

Add on content is great but it should be FREE we already payed for the game. I wouldn't even mind just paying for a $10 pass to download all the dlc content released that would be fine.

dorron2682d ago

DLC is preventing me from buying some games...not buying till there's a GOTY edition.

andron2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Yeah, me too. If I know beforehand they'll release lots of DLC and that there probably will be a GOTY edition then I'll just wait.

On the other hand I have also bought some games and then sold it to get the complete edition after. RE5 being one example, but that's more for the convenience of having it all on one disc, as I didn't really save any money on that...

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