Toshiba A3 HD- DVD player with 7 movies: $169.99

On November 23 people will be able to pick up a Toshiba HD-A3 HD-DVD player for $169.99 at Sears.

The offer will be valid Friday November 23rd from 5AM - noon both in stores and online.

Consumers will get 300 and Bourne Identity in the box and the possibility to get 5 free HD DVDs via a mail-in offer.

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Bigmac5734596d ago

Sorry, if I wanted an upscaling DVD player for 720p/1080i I'd get one for $80-$100 less.

Mikelarry4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

you would think that it being the 3rd gen hd dvd player it would have 1080p support. it really winds me up when these companies try to sell us crap thinking everyone is ignorant and would just jump at it cuz of the price sorry toshiba some of us customers actually do research before we buy our products

shmee4596d ago

These are desperate last attempts by HD DVD camp.

However consumers already know that it doesnt play 1080p and hence they are not buying it .

poor HD DVD and Toshiba

SPiderman 3 is projected to break all HD sales records today. we wait for official sales stats tomorrow

smirx4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Most people don't understand High Definition at all. They will only see that a brand new HD-DVD Player costs $169.99. This alone will sell alot of units I'm sure. I feel sorry for all of the people who buy this and never get the full 1080p experience (and yes, progressive-scan makes a difference). The worst part is that they will buy all of these movies only to watch Blu-Ray put HDDVD out of commission. Sorry Toshiba, but ever since I bought your brand new (1 1/2yr ago) upscaling DVD player for $200 only to have it stop reading discs 2 weeks after the 90 day warranty was up I vowed never to touch a toshiba product again.

wallace10004596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

The average consumer that owns an HDTV has one that accepts either 720p or 1080i, not 1080p. A 1080p player does not appeal to the masses. Ergo, if the average consumer wants an HD-DVD player the HD-A3 will do the job nicely.

EDIT: for those who took the strange world comment the wrong way. Those people that think everyone will need an HD-DVD player with 1080p output capabilities live in a strange world because if they think that, then they must think that the majority of people who own HDTVs own 1080p capable ones.

smirx4596d ago

If having an HDTV that lives up to it's full potential (1080p) puts me in a strange world then you might as well start sending my mail to OZ. I'll be sitting on the "Yellow Brick Road" enjoying my Blu-Ray's.

cuco334596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

A $200 entry level gen3 HD player, black friday sale for $170.. 2 movies packed in with every A3 player.. and the same 5 free mail in we've seen before.. and you want all the bells and whistles too? Toshiba's trying to put HDM into people's homes. Not everyone wants a PS3 as their BD player of choice.

720p/1080i is HD. Most have HDTVs that are of this resolutlion. HD programing is also of this resolution. Most won't be able to tell much of a difference between 720p/1080i/1080p. Want 1080p? You got to spend a lil more for it.

Think about it, BD needs a 720p/1080i player. Those who spend more for a 1080p tv will more than likely spend more for a 1080p player, just like Toshiba offers here.

& btw upscaled DVDs look nothing like HD movies. BD and HD DVD fans can definitely tell you that.

wallace10004596d ago

You said it dude, you couldn't be more right if you tried.

lawman11084596d ago

You lie, most people DO NOT own 1080i tv sets never mind 1080p. This is a GREAT deal my man.

smirx4596d ago

Interlaced video does have some disadvantages in comparison with progressive. It's prone to causing "artifacts", which look like a kind of "comb" effect, especially in slow motion or in still grabs from moving video. The effect to the viewer is quite distinct. First, the image doesn't flicker as much as it would if it was a simple 30 FPS progressive scan. This is because, to the viewer, it looks as if they are seeing 60 frames per second. Of course, what they are actually seeing is 60 fields per second; but for flicker reduction, the effect is the same as seeing 60 frames. I don't know, maybe I'm being too anal on this topic, but I always like having the best possible picture along with motion. I'm sure there are a lot of people who could care less, for them this is definitely a good deal.

ArmrdChaos4596d ago

It will be that much more amusing when the results come in after Xmas season. 300 AND Bourne in the same box for only $169.99?...yeh I can't see how anyone would buy that...and 5 more movies to boot. At $25 a movie that comes to $175 dollars worth of movies...their really giving the player away, and many will be takers.

cuco334595d ago

A good 1080p HDTV will take any 1080i signal and deinterlace it to 1080p. So everyone above, and below, who is preaching "no 1080p = fail" and whatnot just got served a platter of 'STFU, talk about something you know about, go troll elsewhere' salad


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Snukadaman4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

This is one of those "early bird" read from 5 am too 12 pm people are eligible for it. many stores do these sort of things for the after thanksgiving will be giving free stuff away as well.

ktchong4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Slashing $200 off an console in less than one year.

Giving away a console at $400 (with free Blu-ray movies) that costs them $800 to make.

Begging and pleading game developers not to abandon their platform.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4596d ago

All I can say about that is what I always say. Sony made a huge mistake when they priced the PS3 $200 above the competition. So why not try to fix the problem?

Even you know that, stop being such an obvious fanboy. You're smarter than that. I think.

dexterwang4596d ago

Sony is desperate, hddvd is desperate, just let them be and see if they can pull themselves out of the hole they're in.

Toshiba is trying very hard to solve the chicken and egg scenario, while sony solved it with PS3. Call ps3 what u want, but its a brilliant strategy that may ultimately decide the format winner

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4596d ago

I guess HD DVD has been loosing the format war. I wasn't 100% sure till now.

shmee4596d ago

they are being beaten 10:1 in JAPAN and 4:1 in EU

even in NA it is 2:1. with SPiderman 3 released today and 40 gig due on the 2nd do you think HD DVD would not call it quits this year

power of Green 4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

That is desperation= You have an RROD avatar talking BS defending the Blu-ray format which is built in a game cosnole to keep it alive seriously
that is desperation. I won't be aproving this but 90% of whats being posted on this site is desperation and a "advertisement"... Its news about a great deal just as any "get a PS3 at such and such! place" and it comes with**** and cost ****...



How can somebody dissagree?. The PS3 has Blu-ray built in, to keep the format afloat charging hundreds more than an average console due to being so desperate they forgot people don't spend half a grand on game console. PS3 and BD news about deals and bargons are posted 24/7 how can you dissagree?.

Anybody having an issue about this great news and has reported as a problem is biased and has an a slight to severe anti non Sony agenda.

b777conehead4596d ago

pog the blu-ray would win even if not in the ps3.but sonys smart putting the blu-ray in the ps3 not only do they make money selling games but also money on blu-ray movies that are sold.its called business and in business your out to make money. sony has been in business a long time. so pog like i said yesterday buy you a ps3 you will be happy and spread no more hate

Lightning Mr Bubbles4596d ago

They are actually paying you to take this.

tethered4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

I think you are right.

How could anyone disagree with us?
Lets say $25.00 / HD-DVD x 7=

Toshiba A3 HD- DVD player with 7 movies: $169.99

They really are in a way. lol