Gears of War (PC) - Chainsaw and Corpser Gameplay Videos says that chainsaws aren't just for cutting trees.

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AllanWakker4869d ago

Tiny numbers of low poly overly normal-mapped characters covered in cheap to animate rigid, but SHINY!!!, armor.

Tiny environments with absurdly short draw distances with everything more than 20 to 30 feet blurred out.

What a joke of an engine. Maybe the PC version will clean up the jaggies that plague the 360 version.

aggh im on fire4869d ago

This looks excactly the same as the 360 version....except the pc seems to have more screen tearing. And the pc specs are pretty high. Think ill stick to the 360 version..Bit of a pointless video really.


pcs are superior to consoles? LOL

pcs are pass ps3? NEVER