10.0's Review: inFAMOUS 2 reviews inFAMOUS 2.

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CryofSilence2770d ago

I agree with the score (seriously), but this person should really hire an editor before posting.

STICKzophrenic2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

While inFAMOUS 2 is definitely an awesome game, it is in no way a 10/10.

I would probably give it an 8.5/10.

I don't like the new voice actor as much as the original.

Cole's redesign was also unnecessary. I'm glad they made him more similar to the original after the initial redesign, but the OG Cole is still better.

Once again, they made it to where you aren't fully leveled up until the game is almost over. Yeah there's UGC where you can use your new powers, but it'd be really cool if you got your final power about 65-70% through the game.

I also don't know why they removed the ability to charge yourself through Induction Grinding.

bloodybutcher2770d ago

the reason it got such high score is probably because these days gamers consider everything below 9 a game not worth playing...i really enjoyed playing through infamous2 and i would agree that sth between 8 and 9 would be an appropriate score.although i have nothing against voice actor or re-imagining(if that is the word,not native english) the character.

LarVanian2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I would give the game a 9/10, the same score as the original. I prefer Eric Ladin as Cole's voice-actor much more than Jason Cottle from the original inFamous. Cottle's voice was painful for my ears to listen to, he sounded like he was coughing up blood the entire game. Ladin's voice was more natural and didn't feel as forced.

But yeah I was annoyed that Cole didn't become fully powered until the end of the game. And I wish SP kept the ability to charge yourself through induction grinding, that was quite useful in inFamous 1.

mukyoucom2766d ago

While some might think the score is to high, I could not see to give it any other score. It was as close to a perfect experience as I could have asked for from this style of game.

While I could have said "O this part is not to my liking and they should have done this this and this." I cant say that from an objective stand point that it would have made it better so much as made it more "what i would do if I was spear heading the vision of the game."