What Minecraft Needs To Keep Me Interested

GP blogger Khorne writes, "Now Minecraft is a great game and the amount of time I spent with it was well worth the price, but now I am out of things to build in the game and accessing the community isn't as intuitive as it should be. I want to go browse other people's maps easily, at the moment you can send other people your save data or send them your worlds seed number, but that spawns you in a random area within the world (which means you may never see anything they built, neither way is easy to access or very well supported."

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MidnightWatcher2679d ago

If you have any creativity, then this game has endless possibilities and you will always be interested.

pepsilover_20072678d ago

1 person doesnt have creativity lol, but i think i might have to try my hand at this game if i get the chance