Jeep Driven By PS3 with Linux

"In early October, Terra Soft Solutions was engaged by Axion Racing to assist with the integration of a Sony PlayStation3 running Yellow Dog Linux into "Spirit", Axion's fully autonomous Jeep Grand Cherokee which is this week competing in the qualifying rounds for the DARPA autonomous vehicle challenge in Victorville, California.

Integral to the on-board, realtime image processing system, the YDL PS3 rides atop a set of 1U rackmount servers inside Spirit which drives itself through simulated city traffic and obstacles during the qualifying rounds, currently underway". -Terra Soft Solutions.

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ATLRoAcH4866d ago

Now my PS3 can drive me I know the PS3 can do anything.I've got friends that can barely drive worth a crap and heres PS3 behind the wheel of a Jeep.Now I've seen everything.Kudos to the guys that did this.

smirx4866d ago

I just signed up with N4G 2 hours ago. i posted this news tip a few minutes later and it's already up on the main page! Sweet.

Bebedora4866d ago

Some how they must have gotten to the SPEs or it would be just anybody's pocketcalculator doing the same. Just wondering is that even possible w/o passby to the hardware in linux/PS3??

pwnsause4866d ago

In the Soviet Union, Playstation 3 DRIVES YOU!!!!

harpua4866d ago

I hope EA doesn't try this, they would crash immediately.

Bebedora4866d ago

I give you that for sure.

"Reset your car and prepare to install gaspedal 1.03"

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The story is too old to be commented.