Kojima to receive Honor Award of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences at Gamelab

Hideo Kojima, one of the most influential video game designer in history, will receive the Honor Award of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences in Gamelab 2011, the International Fair Game and Interactive Entertainment, for his extraordinary creative contribution to Universal Culture, for having succeeded in fusing various arts, including visual and literary narrative film, the excellence of the music with the innovative technology of the game.

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Batzi2680d ago

The man is a genius he deserves it!

DrFUD2679d ago

I agree.
Long overdue, but why did it take so long?
Is it because he finally bows to Microsoft?

e-p-ayeaH2679d ago

Not hard to figure it out.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2679d ago

It wouldn't surprise me. The AIAS has a long history of controversy and is made up of mostly western studios, pating themselves on the back. Hardly indicative of the global scene.

evrfighter2679d ago

Cuz he's a one trick pony.

Nes_Daze2679d ago

Good for Kojima, he deserves it.

solidsnake2222679d ago

Well earned, Kojima is my favorite game designers and is one of the best ever IMO.

F4sterTh4nFTL2679d ago ShowReplies(1)
Louis_Guzman2679d ago

This filth, FasterthanFTL, has 23 ignores, repeatedly trolls Kojima as if he killed his parents and he still isn't permabanned yet?

8bit_Nes_Rambo2679d ago

I like to think of FasterThanFTL as the village idiot of N4g, it just wouldn't be any fun without him. As for Kojima, congratulations. A well-deserved and long overdue award, even though the AIAS is a dubious association at best, that is hardly representative of the global gaming industry.

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