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Craig Will of GoozerNation writes, "Outside of a few hours of Modern Warfare 2 with my brother I haven't had time recently to really dig into any games on my home consoles. Just like the last Gaming on the Cheap article, I've resorted to playing games on my phone while on break at work. I have a couple new games to share with you and I wouldn't have found them if not for the Amazon Appstore for Android. The Android app has really blown me away with how slick and user friendly the front end is. It's also really easy to navigate and find exactly what you're looking for. If you haven't checked out the Amazon Appstore, either the app or on the computer, give it a try, there are often great deals going on like at the end of last month when Plants vs. Zombies was free for a day." Then he takes a look at Godville and Star Traders.

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JimmyJames702685d ago

Can't wait until Google TV has apps.