Women Gamers are Underappreciated

Interpret just released a study that shows while women gamers numbers are growing (and they are picking up more genres than before) that the game industry still underappreciates them.

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WhiteLightning2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Numbers are growing because more fitness and dancing games are coming out. It makes sense with Kinect coming out last November, I bet the number of women "gamers" started to increase when the Wii came out, same time gaming started to become more mainstream. I mean now ANYONE can call themselfs a gamer's quite ridiculous at times.

Sorry but playing on 4-6 games or playing dancing/fitness games does NOT make you a gamer. Men have always and will always be the main audience for video games, look at online it's a total boys club why do you think so many "girl gamers" complain that they feel like the get treat differen't for being a girl....although it would help if they didn't announce what gender they were at the start of the match.

gamingangel2682d ago

Well the survey found that they liked genres outside of those that are thought of to be typical genres for females.

I'm sure there are women that do announce that they are females at a game, but most that I know don't say anything and just get crap the minute they talk. That's why sites like exist.

Warprincess1162682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I don't know what WhiteLightning issue is with women but he called me a bitch in another article. His hatred towards women is so strong he didn't even bother to read the article. I announce my gender in a game because it in my PSN name and i met a-lot of cool guys. Playing COD with my mic isn't exactly a fun experience for obvious reasons but i feel i shouldn't have to hide who i am because of immature men. I think some of your friends shouldn't be embarrassed about hiding their gender. We need to show these guys that their are girl gamers out their and we are capable of playing games.

WhiteLightning2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I'm sorry but there are loads of girls who do announce it when they're online.

Type girl gamer into Steams search bar, there are A LOT of profiles where every girl has something along the lines of "I'm a girl gamer so what", "Girl gamer here", "Yes I AM a girl gamer, who cares", "I'm a girl and I will own you guys" (theres actually a picture somewhere of this, does anyone have it?)....right we get it your a girl but this is why nobody can take girls seriously in gaming and I actually few sorry for the percentage of actual girl gamers who like games because they enjoy them and have always liked them from their early days.

By the way where is this survey then, most results get shown online? I'd rather see the actual results then just get told about it.

@Warprincess116: Want to know why I said that, because you were actualy being one, you posted a negative comment first and you wern't expecting me to say anything back. I mean you must be doing something wrong because your comment history proves that your justa troll, that's why you have one bubble.

rabidpancakeburglar2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


As you do nothing but troll, I would not put down him saying that to you as a hatred of women. I'm sure it's not the first time you've heard it on here.

In relation to what whitelightning said i agree for the most part.

zealottt2682d ago

they should be in the kitchen making me a sandwhich.

Xalaga2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

You'll be surprised. This video will explain why Girl Gamers dont talk in Halo, Call of Duty and any other FPS:

gamingangel2682d ago

The survey is broken down here: But you have to pay to get the full report.

WhiteLightning2682d ago

You have to pay to read a survey :O

Wow, what has the world come to <sigh>

Christopher2682d ago

It's the results of a survey, not a survey. Kind of like how you have to pay to get NPD data.

Data is worth money.

antz11042682d ago

"I mean now ANYONE can call themselfs a gamer's quite ridiculous at times.

Sorry but playing on 4-6 games or playing dancing/fitness games does NOT make you a gamer."

Sorry man, but if they play games, they're a gamer. And who cares if they call themselves that, is it that big a deal really?

I don't usually agree what WarPrincess has to say, but there's never really any reason to call someone a b%tch here. At that point you need to calm down and walk away from the keyboard. Its cool to fire back and call someone out, but you can do it tastefully without stooping to their level.

WhiteLightning2682d ago

Have you actually took a good look around this site, people get called worst names then that.

Thing is I didn't even comment on her post or anything, she was the one who replied on mine and said a negative comment, I called her back.....

Welcome to the internet

antz11042682d ago

Trust me I have, and they usually get bubbled down for personal attack or offensive; it being a general norm doesn't make it right.

"Thing is I didn't even comment on her post or anything, she was the one who replied on mine and said a negative comment, I called her back....."

Great....and you totally missed what I said about not stooping, lol. Once again, doesn't make it right.

Welcome to being an adult.

Christopher2682d ago

If someone gets called anything like what you guys are talking about, it's a personal attack and is against our Terms of Use. Report them using either the bubble votes (as a Personal Attack) or the report feature (as Offensive) where applicable.

It is never okay to call someone such a name here, it's offensive, immature, and it's against our Terms of Use.

Thank you,

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2682d ago

Well, i think unappreciated them is a bad term to call it. They are a big minority in video gaming, especially first person shooters.

trainsinrdr2682d ago

theres plenty on ps home i think lol

cochise3132682d ago

NO, those are guys prancing around like women.

Christopher2682d ago

Actually, it's surprising but women gamers dominate MMO gamespaces in general. There are more women playing WoW, for example, than men. Women tend to be drawn to online gaming options that also encourage socialization.

Simco8762682d ago

In my experience girls love Rock Band, LBP, Wii Games, and retro gaming.

So if you're going to try to sell to female gamers, try there first.

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