Snowblind: “LOTR: War in the North will be the most kick-ass action RPG ever.”

Can the latest Lord of the Rings title live up to Snowblind's boast? | Raiding Party

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DarkFantasy2680d ago

better then demon souls or dark souls? probably not.

Simco8762680d ago

lol, I like the LOTR story line... but that is a bold statement!

I don't think this is happening lol

Ser2680d ago

...said the development team behind the game.


I'll still be picking this one up. The first M-rated LOTR game? Sign me up.

jack_burt0n2680d ago

yes the game looks pretty weak, but SNOWBLIND have one hell of a pedigree.

Ares842680d ago

I was looking forward to this title until it was shown at E3. It was very underwhelming. Looked something like a PS2 game and the whole combat looked very boring.

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