Best Buy giving $100 gift card for pre-ordering and buying five games

There are few things on this planet more satisfying than getting a hundred dollars for little to no work. Best Buy's capitalizing on that fact to shore up video game sales -- any Reward Zone member who pre-orders and buys five upcoming titles will receive a $100 credit for future purchases.

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SuperSaiyan42685d ago

What is it with America and their constant giving away of $100 gift vouchers?? I seriously wish the UK would get such deals :-(

ABizzel12685d ago

Bestbuy was also giving away a $100 gift card for buying a PS3 for $299 (it was on cnet for a while)

OtherWhiteMeat2685d ago

The list of games is actually pretty good.I could easily pick five.

ABizzel12685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

This is not a pretty good list this is an amazing list. These are all the biggest titles of the year, I can pick out 10 games easy.

TheRacingX2685d ago

How bout you give me $100 cash, not a gift card for your crappy store

ElementX2685d ago

What's wrong with a gift card? I could easily find something to buy at Best Buy with a gift card

HOSe2685d ago

gift card should be given right when you get the last game. not 35 days post.

ElementX2685d ago

Well you have 30 days to return an unopened game, so by giving out the gift card right away, you could scam Best Buy by returning the last game within 30 days. That's why.

Montrealien2684d ago

the idea of fidelity promotions is that have you come back. Giving you 100$ cash would defeat the purpose of the promotion.

jetlian2685d ago

10 games l would buy on that list! now if they giving the usual credits on top its a deal if not its about 20$ per game!

Which is still pretty good

MrBeatdown2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

It's actually not a gift card. It's $100 worth of Reward Zone points which you then cash in for certificates that can be used in store and online. You need to be a member of Reward Zone and their Gamers Club, both of which are free, and you need to scan your card for each pre-order and purchase.

It's also worth pointing out that you earn a $10 certificate for every $150 you spend on games via the Gamers Club. So since you're spending $300 on games, you earn $20 extra. You also get a $5 certificate for spending $250 via RZ. So you are look at, at a minimum, getting $125 in Reward Zone credit for spending $300 on games.

On top of that, you can still price match if you find a lower price elsewhere within 30 days, and you get any additional bonuses the games come with at launch.

For example, I bought Mortal Kombat from Best Buy. They had a $10 pre-order bonus for it, and it also came with a free $10 gift card during release week. I got both. It was on sale for $50 a few weeks later, so I got $10 back, so I paid $50 total, got $10 in Reward Zone credit, and a $10 gift card.

It's a damn good deal, so I'm getting Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Rage, and Skyrim.

HOSe2685d ago

buying games shouldnt be such a brain twister.

Montrealien2684d ago

if that is a brain twister, you need a enw brain. ;P

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