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Pandamobile2868d ago

Honestly, at first glance I though it was a photograph of a soldier superimposed onto screenshots of BF3.

That's absolutely incredible.

Convas2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

So ... I do believe DICE has achieved PhotoRealism.

L.A. Noire currently in second.


I mean, it LOOKS like an actual human being.

They weren't kidding about starting the next generation.

xPhearR3dx2868d ago

The teeth look so real it kind of scares me lol

Now if these type of visuals can be preformed on current consoles. I will be very impressed.

lil Titan2868d ago

i cant wait for the beta, and when the beta comes, i cant wait for the game.

M4I0N32868d ago

the screens looks so life like, however, when we see it in motion it wont look as real because it may have predetermined animations on the face rather than having more interactive looking animations for the face like L.A Noire.

Anyways who cares about facial animations, the game will be awesome. I built a new PC just for this game :P.

Gamingisfornerds2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Not really. Remember some of the Crysis screeshots back then? They were in-game and looked absolutely life-like. Remember the Crysis vs real-life screenshot comparisons? Undistinguishable.

Seen it in motion? Yeah, not photorealistic.

Battlefield 3 does take it to a whole new amazing level though, but it's still quite a bit from photorealism in motion.

Still, the game looks incredible and nothing out there comes even remotely close.

turgore2868d ago

The face is soo freakishly realistic ! The clothes still need a bit of work until photorealism but overall it looks fantastic considering the scale.

yamzilla2868d ago

la noire, are you joking???

la noire>>

la noire looks like a ps2 game

xPhearR3dx2868d ago


L.A. Noire looks like a PS2 game? Wow. I think I've heard it all now.

Darkfocus2867d ago

L.A. noire doesn't have great graphics it's the animation that makes it look has the most realistic animation in anygame so far.

squidyj2867d ago

Not even close to photoreal. It looks way better than what we've had before but there's still so far to go.

captain-obvious2867d ago

There goes the hope of me running this game on MAX

HappyGaming2867d ago

Every time I shoot someone in a next gen game I am going to feel bad they look so freaking real!!!!

NoBias2867d ago

I'm building my first rig just for this game. Worth it.

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RaptorGTA2868d ago

Completely agree with the first photo. Just amazing.

nopunctuation2868d ago

I have a hard time believing that is real considering this is a multiplatform game and exclusive games dont look anywhere near this good. Maybe its CGI but if that is the case then that is pretty much cheating and misleading to gamers.

Hufandpuf2868d ago

DICE has never used CGI since Battlefield 1942, that was back in 2002. Why start now? This is all in-game, stop hating.

awi59512868d ago

This game was built for pc first consoles are the one who gets the ports this time.

death2smoochie2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

All in game running in real time. No CGI footage here. These are not even in game engine pre rendered trailers. It's all IN GAME FOOTAGE.

THWIP712868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

"Honestly, at first glance I though it was a photograph of a soldier superimposed onto screenshots of BF3"

That's because it basically is (though I'd wager he's not a real soldier...likely someone from DICE, like Remedy did with Max Payne 1). The in-game character model faces are nowhere near that realistic...look pretty much like they did in BF:BC2. This is just smoke-n-mirrors, to create buzz...and pretty misleading, if initiated by DICE or EA.

BlackKnight2868d ago

Do even know what smoke and mirrors means in terms of gaming graphics?

This is not smoke and mirrors at all.

Big_Dom2867d ago

Oh, not a single agree. Looks like your're talking balls.

Upbeat2867d ago

So hows the job at Activision

ZombieNinjaPanda2868d ago

Wait, Panda, you mean it's not?

frostypants2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

These are ridiculously amazing. So, my first question: have these been certified as genuine screenshots? Because the facial detail is stupid good. It almost looks like a hoax (or a cutscene). The stuff in the background of the "tank guy" pics also doesn't seem to quite match the other tank screens. Looks more detailed.

Why do the guys in the gunfight pics look so much less detailed than the tank guy? I dunno. I'm skeptical that all of these are in-game. I hope they are...

spektical2868d ago

yea the 2nd one is very nicely done

beastgamer2868d ago

someone should report this because i see sex.

JLeVRT2867d ago

Im fucking getting this game

AEtherbane2867d ago

Where are the screenshots, I'm only seeing photographs.

That is incredible.

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Son_Lee2868d ago

Those graphics...Oh my God...Wow...MUST-OWN.

blacktiger2868d ago

are they pre rendered or something, because this making want to get a brand new pc gaming computer just for this game :)

last time i did that was for Star Craft 2 :)

rob_gamestribe2868d ago

Holy crap. Those can't be real.

tepkisiz2868d ago

This could happen real-time with Dx11 but on a very high-end
PC like the one EPIC used for their Samaritan demo.
Frostbite 2 can obviously pull this off, however I dont think DICE will put this much graphical fidelity as an option in BF3.

BlackKnight2868d ago

No, this is on 1/3 the graphics power that was in the Unreal Engine demo which used THREE nvidia 580s

Many of the rigs running the game at E3 are reported to have a single 560 or 580 in them. Quite impressive

squidyj2867d ago

People talk about how Samaritan ran on 3 580's but as Epic stated they could probably get it running on a Ti 560 with good optimization. Some of the features in the samaritan demo are seen elsewhere, such as the bokeh depth of field.

With battlefield we'll see displacement tesselation used on distant geometry as well, to create detail in hills and mountains.

BlackKnight2867d ago


Oh yea definitely man, I know they said it was not optimized at all. I was just trying to explain that to run BF3 at max settings at 1080 and between 30 and 60FPS, I am almost certain a single 580 will do the job.

BeastlyRig2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Wow! That's PS4 quality 1 - 2 years early!

look at the scarf I love super high res quality!

64 of these realistic soldiers running around on screen will be amazing!

Kleptic2868d ago

exactly...because the PC has multiple titles that look as good as this...

you PC nuts are out of control lately...

frostypants2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Dude, that's leaps and bounds beyond any PC game currently available. The jury's still out on if these are in-game or pre-rendered. Obviously the bottom pics are in-game, but the "tank guy" pics? Why is he so much more detailed than the dudes in the gun-battle pics?

And if those top pics ARE truly in-game, I guarantee that no PC you have currently will be capable of that.

I'm pumped for both the PC and console versions of this game, but let's get real here...

BlackKnight2868d ago

@frostypants & Kleptic

Try playing Crysis 1 (2007):

Even that old of a PC only game is very close.

awi59512868d ago

Damn i hope the 580 drops in price before BF3 if not ill stick with a 570.

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Convas2868d ago

LOL Beastly. Either you're a PC fanboy or you're a PS fanboy, but you need to make up your damn mind. If you're not trolling the 360, you're praising the PS3. If you're not trolling the PS3, you're praising the PC.

You're like a woman dude.

SuicideShaun2868d ago

ps4 quality? Please tell me you're joking rig.

This is ps8, jeez guys.

squidyj2867d ago


Three things that Battlefield 3 and Frostbite 2.0 do that suggest that it'll be able to handle this without having to go to sli. I think that depending on resolution my 570 will be up to the task of rendering this monster all the way up to 1080p.

1. No Legacy Code
- Frostbite 2 is built from the ground up to take
advantage of the benefits of the DX11 pipeline
including such small things as compute shaders
which can drastically improve the performance of
post process effects like blurs and even
tone-mapping operations.
2. Modern Algorirthms
- You might not know what it means but the Tile
Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR) and excellent
culling in Frostbite 2.0 allows the engine to
get more done in less time by working smarter
rather than working harder. This is th benefit
of research and innovation and conferences like
SIGGRAPH and GDC every year.
3. Modern Hardware
- The directx API has changed and become more
efficient, the techniques used by devs have
changed and become more efficient. So to have the
cards all of these operations run on, producing
hardware that is capable of doing things in a
cycle it might have taken 5 to do before. More
than just raw horsepower these newer designs help
improve performance by more efficiently meeting
the needs of developers.

Lastly, IF you're at all familiar with how Frostbite 2 calculates ambient bounce lighting data you'd know that the calculations are actually done on the cpu, producing a higher quality result without a similar cost to the rendering time.

All of these combine to show us how That level of quality is perfectly reasonable to expect to be able to see on good quality machines when BF3 launches

MyLeadYourHead562867d ago

note to self never mention consoles while PC gamers are around

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