Forbes: Electronic Arts’ DICE Responds to Battlefield 3 DLC Controversy

When it comes to the very real battle between gaming giants Activision and Electronic Arts over the virtual war between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, enticing gamers to buy one, if not both, of these key fall releases is crucial. So when stories surfaced that Electronic Arts was going to only offer key DLC content for DICE’s much-anticipated Battlefield 3 through select retail outlets and then charge gamers for it, the Internet exploded with outrage and threats to boycott the game altogether.

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theEx1Le2684d ago

And everyone thought Dice was screwing them over, guess that will show people not to take a hissy fit before the developer even comments on the matter, especially months before the game even comes out.

SeanRL2684d ago

Agreed, I see nothing wrong with giving a little bonus to those who show that they really believe in this game.

Ducky2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Can you really blame people when you have DICE employees like Demize's twitter saying that the items are fully exclusive to the pre-order pack and that there is no other way to obtain them?

Canucks232684d ago

Yea, i'm pretty sure they just came up with this "free after a certain period of time" thing once everybody started freaking out over it.

socomnick2684d ago

The dlc was made available to everyone Because of the hissy fit.

Boycott worked.

radphil2684d ago


It's quite possible the hissy fit made them change their minds.

evrfighter2684d ago

Thats the power of a boycott done right

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DAS6922684d ago

"If there’s one thing about gamers that separates them from the rest of the consuming public, it’s they’re a very passionate and intelligent group of savvy buyers."

YEAH RIGHT! Most of them are just hipsters, doing what their friends are doing. The only "smart" buyers are the people that have been with the franchise BEFORE everyone else got smart enough to find out that COD was a crappy game.