Duke Scores & Confusion: Is 50/100 A Bad Score, Or Merely Mediocre?

Critical Hit says: "Is 50/100 a bad score, or merely mediocre? Does 70/100 represent a mediocre game, or one that’s better than average? With the news that Metacritic translated 1UP’s “F” for Duke Nukem Forever into a 0/100, I think this is a good time to revisit our previous article on what videogame scores actually mean, and how they’re effected by Metacritic:"

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vgcgames2681d ago

people should stop hating on the Duke.On the other hand, maybe, longer delays don't necessarily equal better games. Who Know!.

historywebsite1022681d ago

Good read. I believe game reviews do stand on the upper half of the spectrum. I also doubt that will ever change. Hence why we don't use a scoring system.

digitaleraser2681d ago

While there's the slim chance it could change, it'd take something pretty major...either the major sites and magazines asking to be removed from Metacritic (and even then who knows if it'd change)...or someone establishing a videogame version of Rotten Tomatoes, whose method of averaging scores actually encourages a 5/10 = "average" instead of 7/10. Reviews on there are labeled only positive or negative (rather than being converted into a number out of 100)...and if reviewers giving a 6/10 to a bad game were listed as giving a "positive" review, those reviewers might eventually switch to using their entire scale.