Uncharted Golden Abyss vs Among Thieves: Which one looks better?

GB: "Uncharted had a great showing at E3. On one hand, Drake Deception’s demo was enough to melt our brains and on the other hand Golden Abyss amazed us with its innovative gameplay mechanics and controls. After getting a hands on session with the game during E3, we were convinced that Golden Abyss looked better than Among Thieves. Ever since Golden Abyss was first shown during the PS Vita reveal, Uncharted fans have been wondering whether this is the best looking game in the franchise yet.
Today we answer your questions by comparing some of the recently released screens of Golden Abyss to some in game screens of Uncharted 2.
Please not that its almost impossible to match the camera angles of the Vita version, so they are a bit off. But should be good enough to give you a great idea on how the two games match up."

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N4GAddict2735d ago

Haha, I knew this sort of article would come from GamingBolt...


Joni-Ice2735d ago

The funny thing is, they both looks AMAZING. Damn near the same.

miyamoto2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Being accustomed to HD gaming for me the PS Vita achieves a level of graphics performance that is palatable.

I also believe this will apply to millions of nerdy geeks like me who are graphic lovers who enjoy jaw dropping graphics as much as tight controls and game plays.

This will be the Vita's selling point: graphics!

And looks like the Vita will be my first OLED purchase and lunch console of all time.

I love Organic LED and all organic stuff like vita-mins. So the Vita will be close to my heart.

UC:GA has amazing contrast (its OLED! your blacks will be real blacks) but Uncharted 2 still tops Uncharted Golden Abyss hands down.

It was hoping the Vita was on par with the PS3 graphically but this will do for now.

I hope that the next PlayStation device will be a powerful home/portable all-in-one device.

Peaceful_Jelly2735d ago

There must be something wrong with the U2 screens. There is no way U2 is gonna look blurrier than the NGP game when the game's running at twice the resolution.

gameseveryday2735d ago

Probably has to do with the shadows. As is displayed in this scree for example:

Anti-Fanboyer2735d ago

Gamingbolt compresses the shit out of their images. Their comparisons are fucking pointless to begin with.

pain777pas2735d ago

PJ you can still see that UC2 has more going on in the background detail. Drake's character model is close though. Still an amazing achievement for a handheld. Love UC series definitely a God send for this generation.

Surfaced2735d ago

Golden Abyss graphically compares more closely with Drake's Fortune.

Maybe the 2nd Uncharted game for Vita will look like Among Thieves.

joydestroy2735d ago

this is what i'm thinking as well

BlmThug2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Please UC2 Looks Way Better Than The Vita Uncharted

Fishy Fingers2735d ago

Stretch them over a 42+ inch screen and see if they still look as close. They wont.

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The story is too old to be commented.