Jon St John hits out on the critics

"Speaking exclusively to TheJoyPads. Jon St Jon, the voice of Duke Nukem share his thoughts on the critics that slammed Duke Nukem Forever.

With Duke Nukem Forever receiving reviews as little as 0/10 up to 10/10 at some gaming site. It would come to no surprise that a game that has took 14 years to be released, would carry such burden. I asked Jon St John if it was ok to share his thoughts and this was the response he gave me."

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SantistaUSA2734d ago

I;m not comparing to COD or anything else, unfortunately the game is really bad, just makes you wonder what 3drealms was doing all those years! I'm still enjoying the game, but it deserves a low score, 6/10 for me.

theonlylolking2734d ago

6/10 is not low. It is higher than half which is 5/10.

Revvin2734d ago

Its by no means a classic but its worth more than some of the silly low scores given by sites desperate for some hits. It's a hark back to a more simple time in FPS gaming, Duke is brash, rude, crude and in your face but thats what Duke Nukem was about, a parody of the then current crop of action hero's.

BeaArthur2734d ago

You have to take it for what it is. Gearbox saw an opportunity to cash in on a game that had been in multiple developers hands for over a decade. They probably didn't put a lot of time into it and as a result will probably make a nice chunk of change.

MasterD9192734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Pitchford will say something about it. I think it deserves at least a game deserves a 0 except the really terrible games.

This is just an opportunity thats already cashed out of the peoples minds...This was discussed ever since E3 last year how this game would be a disappointment for everyone.

e-p-ayeaH2734d ago

look a hater...youre just a pawn of the mainstream media youre acting exacly like they want good job.

palaeomerus2733d ago

There's nothing wrong with hating crappy games. Blaming the media for the hate is just idiotic. Blame the game. 'Cause it really sucks. Even on PC.

e-p-ayeaH2734d ago

The proper version to play is the PC, the console versions are pretty inferior.

Run DNF on max settings and you cleary see that a 7/10 is perfectly acceptable.

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