Rent games at Redbox starting tomorrow

Redbox announced today that beginning tomorrow – Friday, June 17 – video game rentals will launch at their more than 21,000 locations nationwide. Featuring video game titles for PS3, Wii and XBOX 360, redbox will rent games for $2 a day.

“From your local grocery, convenience or drug store straight to your family room, the next dance off, face off or family night just got more affordable and fun,” said Joel Resnik, vice president of video games, redbox.

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marioPSUC2684d ago

well this is pretty nice, I rent the dvd's all the time. Now I can rent the game for like a day play a little and then decide if I want to buy it or not.

CrimsonEngage2684d ago

Not happy about the whole $1 for one day deal. Give me the option to pay $5 for 5 days and we will play ball.

BrianG2684d ago

Its actually looking like $2 per day for video games.

Not a bad price I suppose if you can dedicate a day to just gaming. Get the most bang for your buck.