Mega Man V is released on the Wii Virtual Console

Capcom and Nintendo have released the classic NES title Mega Man V on the Virtual Console.

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cochise3132865d ago

I always forget wii has the virtual console. This is pretty good news.

showtimefolks2865d ago

i hope one day those are released again on psn/xblive or on retail disks

i never got into megaman series unless we are talking about X and t seems like that's the series capcom has forgotten about the most

GodGinrai2865d ago

probably pick this up at the end of the month along with recommend wrath of black manta if anybody is lookin for somthin really, really good on the virtual console. i hope nintendo migrates the virtual console to wii u. it would be pretty nifty to be able to play my classics on that controller. i love my 8 and 16- bit games. Stuff like super mario 3 and ice climber never get boring.

GamersXTREME2865d ago

I remember beating this game on the NES, such a classic!