PS4 And Next Xbox To Be 10x More Powerful And Released In 2013?

Speaking to Eurogamer, Carmack said gamers should expect Microsoft and Sony to announce their next consoles at E3 2012, with the new systems becoming available in 2013.

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afterMoth2680d ago

An an announcement at the same time would be sweet. Imagine the spec wars that could happen. I hope it would push both of them to aim for higher specs.

I hope Carmack is right and the technological jump is that significant.

I hope Nintendo hasn't finalized the specs of their machine and are making something to be on Par with the PS4 and x720, though I'm not optimistic for it.

TheOldOne2680d ago

If Carmack is right and the link above^ is correct then Nintendo will again be left with the weaker console. Not surprising.

Now I wonder if the PS4 will be more powerful then the Xbox 720. I remember Sony saying they won't have a PS3 type investment:

And MS well, I hope they dont focus too much on Kinect next gen.

afterMoth2680d ago

Not having a PS3 type investment could easily be referring to the investment of major new technologies,blu-ray and/or cell processors. Both of these are no longer new, so those initial high cost, longer term investments (take a loss in the beginning) don't apply.

Rainstorm812680d ago

i agree moth If sony puts in a faster blu ray drive and up to date cell tech......

the initial investment in ps4 still wouldnt be what it was with PS3.

As far as nintendo they will release another console toward the end of next gen that can compete with PS4 and Next Xbox graphics..... it'll be the Wii Mii

blumatt2680d ago

"Now I wonder if the PS4 will be more powerful then the Xbox 720. I remember Sony saying they won't have a PS3 type investment"

Yeah, that's true, but you've got to realize that they won't have to spend as much to make the PS4 really powerful. They'll most likely continue using the Cell architecture with more SPUs (maybe 32 possibly) and upgrade the RAM to something like 4GB or even 8GB. Then, they'll simply upgrade the bluray drive to a quad layer capable drive that can read 100GB or higher discs. Although this is pure speculation, it's certainly possible. This configuration would also make backward compatibility with all PS3 games a given. Also, developers wouldn't have to re-learn new architecture for the PS4 and the upgraded RAM would help "lesser" developers (Activision, etc.) to make great games without having to use the Cell as much.

HappyGaming2679d ago

Time to buy market shares of all the fanboy orientated websites :P Their servers are going to be on fire!!!

I remember people used to say that the PS3s graphics card was 50 times more powerful than the PS2s so this x10 improvement is very believable..

lil Titan2679d ago

umm PS3 life time to be at LEAST 10 years people. would be nice to see a demonstration of the new hardware but i dont want it released anytime soon

ProjectVulcan2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Easy to be 10 times faster by 2013. we already have a single GPU within reach of that, a GTX580.

By the time 2013 comes around GTX580 will be a midrange GPU at best. Next generation of PC GPUs within the 12 months will easily surpass the 10 x performance of current consoles and have 10 x the amount of video memory.

Myze2679d ago

@lil Titan

Well, it's not like the ps3 would suddenly vanish when the ps4 comes out. Think of the ps2 when the ps3 came out. 2013 would be 7 years. It's completely believable the ps3 would remain going for 3 more years afterwards, greatly dwindling each year, as did the ps2.

xer02679d ago

@lil Titan

PS1 and PS2 life time, were also 10 years but they launched within 5/6 years of each other.

Sony have said they will support PS3 for 10 years, but it doesn't mean that, they can not launch another console during that time.

Besides, Sony would be wise to not give Microsoft another year and a half lead, as they did this generation.

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oricon2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Graphically i think games are starting to come to a point where there's really no point to update the gfx, technically i believe what it now comes down to is processing power, if you look at games like uncharted i don't think there's a whole lot to improve on it graphically, but if you look at sandbox games like Infamous and Yakuza you can see a big difference from the players character or any of the main characters models look a lot better than any of the npc, what we need now is more memory and power in that sense.

Edit: also it worries, if the next consoles are that powerful as it can hurt the game industry for moving too fast, development costs are going to be higher than they already are so 3rd parties wont make as much high quality games due to costs, we're already seeing 3rd parties use dlc to cover up costs for this gen who knows whats going to happen next gen if this carries on.

Aloren2680d ago

"if you look at games like uncharted i don't think there's a whole lot to improve on it graphically"

of course there is. Liquid physics, destruction, particles, facial expressions, foliage, fire, resolution, animation, shadows, lighting... No matter how fantastic uncharted looks, it will still look "last gen" in 3 years, when you see uncharted 4 or Halo 5 on the next generation of consoles. We're really far from the point where we could say there's not a whole lot to improve graphically. (In fact Ballestra said last year in an interview on that he thinks it will probably take another 20 years before we reach "perfect" graphics).

oricon2680d ago

It may seem outdated by then but if you look at it this way if you look at at 3rd party titles last gen and compare em to this gen you can tell there's a big difference in quality last gen, development costs for games were significantly lower compared to the cost to develop on HD platforms thus 3rd parties could take more risks, this gen most developers are doing the same there are very few 3rd party titles that have been a big success, the game industry at this point needs to take a breather meaning longer console generations, not a huge leap of power compared to next and last gen, as much as everyone wants a 10x more powerful Ps3 next gen but whats best for the game industry needs is to net get too ahead of its time.

Phantasm2680d ago

Your right about the spec wars happening. If true, I already have a headache... N4G will explode!

50Terabytespersec2680d ago

i wish Nintendo would stop being cheap skates /greedy cash cows.
Nintendo were's your Ballz??
Build a new SGI type of machine !! The true successor to N64!!
Give us a Massive parallel processing behemoth!!
Shoot lease the cell processor or hire IBM and build factories give us a True Nintendo256 or something lol
I want Donkey Kong Country and
Killer Instinct! in a full realized 1080p World a quest pure violence!!! with 100GB disc space and some serious graphics 4 GB VRam!!!!!
Buy Sega and ad all their I.Ps to your library!!!..Sony and MS will fall !!!!
partner with Apple!!!

Give us a real Gaming Machine you sell out gimmicky bastarrrds!!!!!!

DeadlyFire2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I believe Nintendo's Wii U machine will be 3-4 times the power of the current gen. PS4 and Xbox3/720 will be about 4-5 times as powerful as current gen likely. So either way they will be very comparable and its certainly not going to be a big gap to hinder gaming performance between these new consoles. Like the Wii/PS3-X360

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Kon2680d ago

And nintendo will be the one with the less powerful console as always.

NYC_Gamer2680d ago

i doubt nintendo can afford to keep up with sony&microsoft

fluffydelusions2680d ago

They can but they choose not to because they always look to gain profit from the start unlike MS/Sony which start at a loss.

Aarix2674d ago

Nintendo is stricty gaming. Microsoft is rich with computers and software and Sony has Tvs, computers and other appliances. Nintendo can't afford to lies profit

oricon2680d ago

I don't see why you got them agrees because the Wii was the first underpowered Nintendo system, the older consoles have been the more powerful ones.

kaveti66162680d ago

As always? No, Kon. It is sad you received 4 agrees for such an incorrect statement.

Nintendo's consoles this generation are the weakest, but last generation and the gen before it were stronger than their competitors.

The Nintendo 64 was more powerful than the Playstation One.

The Nintendo Gamecube was more powerful than the Playstation 2.

Machioto2680d ago

N64 came two years after ps1 and I don't know of a game that prove game cube was superior to ps2.

Machioto2680d ago

N64 came two years after ps1 and I don't know of a game that prove game cube was superior to ps2, tech wise yes, game wise no.

Machioto2680d ago

N64 came two years after ps1 and I don't know of a game that prove game cube was superior to ps2.

Imalwaysright2680d ago

Compare the GC and PS2 versions of RE4. The GC was more powerful than the PS2.

TenkoTAiLS2680d ago

Yip, a better example might be that Resident Evil Remake, or Resident Evil 0, those both looked better than anything on the PS2 at the time, and Capcom did say they had to downscale to get Resident Evil 4 running smoothly on the PS2, and the graphics were widely reported among gaming press to be inferior to the Gamecube version. So they are all good examples.

jetlian2679d ago

since gamecube has been weak. wii,ds,3ds. Gamecube while strong was limted by nintendo wanting to control its image. not many 3rd party games went to it

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TenkoTAiLS2680d ago

Not as always, more like as once before. But then again coming from the same guy who said that consoles would be dead in a decade this doesn't mean much. It would be interesting to see how close to PC they can get with their graphics and speed on a console tho. I think too many people expect some kind of graphical miracle which as long as the boundaries are not broken on the PC which said games are made on, it isn't going to happen.

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guitar_nerd_232680d ago

Sounds about right, its been about tenfold the last two gens I don't see why the next should be any different.

slavish32680d ago

i want 100x more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

frankymv2680d ago

xbox 720 will be here in 2012