Duke Nukem Forever Release Causes Lots of Unhappiness

Gearbox Software finally got 'Duke Nukem Forever' out but unfortunately for a lot of gamers, the company behind it and even their PR company, Duke Nukem Forever certainly did not live up to expectations...

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Game0N2864d ago

it certainly did not.

Rageanitus2864d ago

This is my honest opinion.... although it is not that good It is still better than HALO ODST

DrFUD2864d ago

Come on fool.
It's better than Halo Reach and Gears 3 bundled together with free DLC and cheese sticks for a year.

Rageanitus2864d ago

well halo was just ok also just like most halo games but Gears is gonna be a gr8 game

cmoyano2864d ago

hell you fools, the duke beats halo, gears, uncharted and crysis 2 in every single wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy y.....hail to th ekinggggggg