What Your Favourite Games Could Look Like on the Wii U

This Is creates their own concept ideas for some of your favourite games for the Nintendo Wii U. Take with a pinch of salt.

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baxy-z2733d ago

The COD one looks sick. Activison need to bring that to the Wii U!

iamnsuperman2733d ago

So looking through the scope on the smaller screen is a good idea??? The splinter cell one looks good but still very gimmicky.

baxy-z2733d ago

yeah cause you could hold it up close to your face?

theredsquire2733d ago

As much as I want it to I don't think COD will ever come to the Wii U :(

Lyle912733d ago

Of course it will. The Wii had multiple CoD games and there is no reason they'd not put them on the Wii U too.

baxy-z2733d ago

yeah I know but you couldn't compare them to the 360/ps3 versions, i hope they're on par or better than those versions this time round.

JellyJelly2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Would be cool to have a rear view mirror in the Wii-U for racing games, and have the controller act like a gyro wheel.

baxy-z2733d ago

yeah with tabs on the screen for rear, side, top-down, map view, stats maybe?

jacksonmichael2733d ago

I think that was suggested... by... someone? My memory is terrible. Anyway. I don't think gyro is good for racing games... even just Mario Kart. I just don't find it accurate enough.

Kon2733d ago

Okami 2 on the WII-U would make this console a must buy for me.

Samus HD2733d ago

yep and I think they will make okami 2 to Wii U