Duke Nukem: "I've Got Nothing Left To Live For, Baby!"

Kuribo's Shoes sat down for an exclusive interview with the star of Duke Nukem Forever. What they found was not the arrogant action hero of DN3D, but a haunted man, sinking into a deep depression, unsure of his place in the world.

UPDATE: Duke has gone missing since the publishing of this article, please contact us if you know anything about where he might be.

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TruthSeeker2679d ago

Sorry Duke, you really dont....

nopunctuation2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

We should use Duke as a reminder that nostalgia is a bitch. I tried to tell people years before this game released that this game would bomb but people just said "im in it for the nostalgia" well the nostalgia didnt make the game good did it? The sad truth is you are 14 years older now and your complex mind isnt impressed by the same simple stuff you played on the n64. If you go back to those classic juggernauts from the good old days you will be able to pick out the flaws in all of them. They were great in their time but now they look dated and poorly built. Remaking them doesnt seem to solvethe problem either because you have to remove the archiac stuff and put in new stuff that makes games good today. We saw that when Goldeneye was turned into Goldeneye with COD gameplay and no one could even see the same game anymore. We cant let this happen to any more games.

showtimefolks2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

and they just wanted to finish the game and get it out of the door so they can move on to actually doing DN games from ground up.

I hope gearbox don't just let the IP die out since they just bought it recently. Learn from DNF and listen to what fans want from future games DN doesn't need to be another FPS or a platformer just give us actual DN games we care about.

and show the gaming community some support and release a patch to fix many minor issues with DNF

Hopefully this isn't the last of DN games.

how about making a DN game for psn/xblive and whatever nintendo launches as its online service with fresh ideas and get the brand some positive attention and get some feedback from the community

if i am not wrong there is another DN game in development

also there was some planned dlc for DNF if they are still planning on releasing it make sure your patch the game first and fix whatever can be fixed with a patch

just my opinion of DN IP

link for rumored dlc

Ares842679d ago

As I said countless times before I will try the game before judging it. But I just can't believe that it is that bad. Also it can be reinvented like Tomb Raider was just now.

maniacmayhem2679d ago

Duke should come back with update graphics and gameplay and just be as fresh as any current fps out there.

And the story can be great. They can actually make fun of DNF being such a horrible game. I can see it now the opening of the new game can be the exact opposite of the opening from DNF. Instead of the world loving him and being a big celebrity he is now washed up, fat and unloved for the crap people waited for for 12 years.

femshep2679d ago

i was expecting it to be the worst but for it feeling like an N64 game im not mad about it....N64 was the last time gaming was fun not its all fanboys and falmewars

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