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VGW: Alice: Madness Returns is one of 2010′s most impressive titles. It’s a solid and stylistic adult platformer with fun combat, memorable set pieces, and quality presentation overall. If you’re a fan of the 2000 original, or you enjoy platformers and dark and twisted worlds, it’s hard not to recommend Alice: Madness Returns. The combat can be challenging and the story can make progression seem middling, but there is so much done exceedingly well that it’s hard to get hung up on such small quibbles. Overall, Alice: Madness Returns is the bloody good time we’ve all been waiting for.

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AvidGamerrrr2867d ago

"one of 2010's most impressive titles"... Holy sh**, did I wake up in the year 2010!? My machine worked!!!

LoaMcLoa2867d ago

Back to the (not so distant) Future!

DarkTower8052867d ago

Yes! Let me tell you now, in one years time Duke Nukem Forever will release, DO NOT BUY IT!

Lol, j/k, but really you should rent it, if that.

dagamdagee2867d ago

It's been fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

DOOMZ2867d ago

The game is freaking AMAZING!!!!

PSjesus2867d ago

OK so this game good or not?
i liked the first one but i played it in 2001

b_one2867d ago

i saw so many reviews and im confused... still im waiting for my Alice, im in point with no return ;) cash taken...

dagamdagee2867d ago

Almost all reviews are going to give a mixed bag, and it's kinda rare when a game is unanimously praised as "good." I know people who thought the original Alice was rather mediocre, and some who thought it was amazing. That's why it's important to read a lot of different opinions, and then just decide from there.