Halo 4 Pre-Order Campaign Launches; High Price-Point Discussed

A number of retailer have been accepting pre-orders for the recently announced Halo 4 since it’s unveiling at Microsoft’s media briefing prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles this month. However, today Electronic Theatre has been contacted by a number of retailers stating that they have new information regarding the game’s release.

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ksense2708d ago

wouldn't be surprised if they did. they increased the cost of xbox live because it was providing us "exclusives"

Blacktric2708d ago

Granted, I didn't like the price increase for Xbox Live Gold too but for the love of God, we were paying 50 bucks a year and if a 10 dollar increase bothers you, maybe you should just sell your 360 and get a PS3 or a PC. Not to mention there are buttload of retailers (including online ones) that are selling prepaid cards for 45-50 dollars. Anyway, on topic; I can't wait to see what kind of job will 343 will do.

Rikan2708d ago

People will pay what they need to. AAA titles always seem to sell...I'll be getting this day-1 by default.

Raven_Nomad2708d ago

The article doesn't make much sense to me. If they were going to have it at a larger price point then it would only be because it's coming out for the Xbox 720. I think the price of games goes up by $10 next generation.

IaMs122708d ago

Which is ridiculous, keep the price of the game the same now and it might be justified.

BX812708d ago

You beat me to it. The only way I can see this game going up in price is if it's for the new console. Also if this is the case gamers world wide will start picking what games they buy more carefully. It could actually see a drop in game sales and a rise in game rentals.

paintsville2708d ago

This game's gonna be amazing! It'll CRUSH anything on ANY other console period. Bringing to bare the full power of the cutting edge GPU and unified architecture of the 360. This thing is gonna rock!

cyborg69712708d ago

Ha, just like reach. Dream on dreamweaver.

Convas2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

But that's in pounds. It'll still most likely be the regular 60 Dollars down here in the states.

Edit: Yup, sure 'nough, $60 on Amazon. Just pre-ordered. I don't see what OP is talking about.

betrayed gamer2708d ago

so retailer's are releasing prices to a game that has just been announced? what retailers? this offers me no real info besides someone told someone something. so unless there is actual proof to this besides rumor this is going in the bull file

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