Starhawk Single-Player Shines at E3, Next Stop: Comic-Con

Harvard Bonin // Senior Producer, SCEA: As expected, E3 2011 was crazy fun and a gamer’s dream come true. Every year E3 gets bigger and badder but this year’s show was special for us: we finally got to unveil our multiplayer Capture the Flag mode for Starhawk! So far, the feedback has been great. Starhawk was nominated for a bunch of E3 awards, including Best Shooter, Best Multiplayer and Best PS3 Game from G4TV.

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afterMoth2683d ago

Can't wait. I would pay top dollar for them to do a Warhawk single player game as well (co-op levels even better!).

XIIIWARRIOR412683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

It was painful to watch this video. Only watched about 8 min of it. The guy on the right got on my f**king nerves!

beast242tru2683d ago

game look great graphics and gameplay only played warhawk for a little while but this i will be playin for sure

telekineticmantis2683d ago

Awesome. Asteroid ring level..............AWESOME.

Bonobo123452683d ago

Come 2012 if your not on Starhawk you aren't anywhere!!

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