FF Type-0: English GamesTM Preview Scans

Final Fantasy Type-0 still doesn’t have an English release date, and believing producer Yoshinori Kitase, that date won’t come soon. Nevertheless the game is getting a lot of attention from many gaming websites around the world. I had yet to see the game featured in an English magazine and was surprised to learn that GamesTM did just that.

In their June issue they had a 2-page preview about the game, with some nice Rem & Machina artwork shown earlier in the magazine. The preview uses Japanese screenshots and confirms that the game hasn't been confirmed for Europe, but should give a solid look at the game for those who aren't keeping up with all the info (in English, for a change.)

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Peaceful_Jelly2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I hope this game comes out on the PS3 too as a PsP remaster because this looks much better than FFXIII and FFXIII-2.

Ddouble2734d ago

I think it's going to be relased on the PSV outside Japan. It's the most logical thing to do IMO and thats probably why they can't confirm the date.