Dungeon Siege III (PS3) Review *Brutal Gamer*

Decades ago, The Legion was almost completely wiped out by the evil Jeyne Kassynder. Odo, one of the only surviving Legionnaires, has gathered together the surviving sons and daughters of The Legion. It is his hope that you, the only ones left, can finally defeat Jeyne Kassynder. Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment bring you Dungeon Siege III, an ambitious RPG in the revered style of Baldur’s Gate.

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ThanatosDMC2683d ago

Meh, played the demo... hated the linearity and the lack of playable classes/character customization. They should have just copied Champions of Norrath gameplay.

But it was only the demo i did play... so meh

averyzoe2683d ago

It isn't a sandbox game, for sure, but you do have quite a bit of control over the story. And while you can't customize the character's looks, you can do a lot with their abilities. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for in a game, though. :)

NewMonday2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

is it a good story, is their strong emphasis on the story? is it anything like Baldur’s Gate?

Keith Olbermann2683d ago

I agree averyzoe. I think for those hack and slash fans who enjoyed the Champions of Norrath or Baldurs gate consule games, this is a winner.

averyzoe2683d ago

It felt very much like Baldur's Gate, to me almost right away. The multiplayer aspect was an improvement from Baldur's Gate though, as you could switch back and forth between multi nd single on the same game.

Pintheshadows2683d ago

This is the second review i've read and I still have no idea of the playtime.