Final: Ratchet and Clank Future packs heat on PS3

Sony Corp.'s Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for the Playstation 3 is a top action title that features imaginative weapons and gadgets for total variety in gameplay. Developer Insomniac Games successfully employs like elements from prior entries on a more massive scale fit for a new hardware system.

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ktchong4876d ago

Punch Jump reviews game!?!

remix4876d ago

i got this game 4 days ago and it deserves it. did you guys know that resistance was only 3 points away from a 90 average.

i bet the second time around. insomniac will make it almost perfect

demolitionX4876d ago

resistance 2:rise of man should be 1080p, if not um not buying it

Bebedora4876d ago

What's next? "GT5 graphics or I am not buying it" ?
1080p and 14 f/s then? I am not saying anything, but your standpoint is not that mature in thought. thinks

Hagaf224876d ago

beat it in about 4 days, definitely a great game for the ps3. insomniac is an awesome supporter of the ps3! although it didnt have the ending i thought i heard it would, but still a great game.

arcadegoal4876d ago

Rachet spot on ace game...resistance 2 carnt wait for that insomniac RULE.

PStriple7034876d ago

still have not got it yet

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