Registration Opens for Family Guy MMO

A website has appeared allowing pre-registration for a chance to get into the Family Guy Online closed beta. Family Guy Online is an MMO based on the hilarious antics of Peter Griffin and the rest of the Quahog community. We checked the webpage's source code and found this description, confirming that it is indeed an MMO...

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ftwrthtx2778d ago

I want to play as the chicken and beat the crap out of Peter

RavageX2778d ago

This show has gotten way too popular.

I thought it was ok at first...and I do mean at first. Like when it was on fox, and it started to wear thin with me then.

Now the show kinda reminds me of most FPS. A bunch of random crap thrown together, and promoted as something new/improved/original.

Regardless of that, people still pay/waste time playing/watching the shit.

I seem to be having one of those days.

To say what I was originally going to say....this is a lame idea.

WhiteLightning2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Simpsons is worse. It's not even funny anymore, not like the old episodes which were actually pretty good. Yet that's still going strong.

RavageX2778d ago

I wish you didn't make me remember that. EVERYONE involved with that show HAS to be tired of doing it by now.

Kee2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


Edit: @cgoodno Yeah, family guy was a good show, but they've ripped it. And what would you do in a family guy video game. It'd consist of about 90% flashback jokes 10% actual gameplay.

Christopher2778d ago

Yeah, Family Guy has pretty much turned into a cash cow on its own and is doing what it can to get money off of the name. I haven't watched an episode, other than the Star Wars episodes, since season 3 or so. Just feels like way too much of the same. Even the last Star Wars episode felt all samey.

Quagmire2778d ago

Damn right, i know who i'll choose!

Lois, giggity

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The story is too old to be commented.