Duke Nukem Forever and Modern Gaming

"Back in the 90s, Duke was somewhat of a heavy hitter, if not a mascot of gaming during his reign, around the time of Duke Nukem 3D's release. He was the King, a man who kicked ass and chewed bubblegum, but dammit, he never did have any gum to go with the ass kicking. Duke Nukem Forever was announced by 3D Realms, and it was a pretty well known fact that it was going to be the greatest game ever made."

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Nick2120042679d ago

Duke Nukem Forever certainly had high expectations for such an extravagant development cycle and failed to please its fans.


i dont think it failed to please its fans, i think it failed to please everyone else

killajd2679d ago

I think duke nukem forever tried to stick to its roots and keep the fans happy but the fans wanted more then what was given. They wanted it to do more be more and deliver more. In the end its duke nukem 3d's expansion pack with updated graphics and guns.

tordavis2679d ago

I'm a fan, I'm pleased. Where did you get your info Nick?

killajd2679d ago

I'm a fan also and enjoyed the game. It wasn't the best but I enjoyed a new crazy wise cracking adventure with The Duke

Ron_Danger2679d ago

I'm having a great time with it... It's no KZ3 but its not trying to be... I love how it's a fun not-serious-at-all game

Darnokg2679d ago

I still have yet to play Duke, but the article was well worth the read. Good job.