Stunning gameplay of Crysis

Here is some stunning Crysis gameplay from the newly released single-player demo powered by DirectX 10 along with maximum settings.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4871d ago

almost as good as Ratchet & Clank Future.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4871d ago

But has anyone but me stopped and noticed that no one in the world gives a crap about this game? And it's suppose to be the most high tech graphics ever or something.

lynx1halo4871d ago

oh believe me ive noticed to

mighty_douche4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

"no one in the world gives a crap about this game?"

dude just because pc fans dont troll this website doesnt mean 'no one' cares about this. n4g is primarily a site directed towards console and their fans *cough*fanboys*cough*, im still not sure why you guys seem to think pc gaming is on the decline, its actually the not.

not trying to be offensive to anyone, but pc gamers dont feel the need to spam websites with the whole my pc is bigger than your pc, like alot of console gamers.

TheSadTruth4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Three goods reasons why no one is hyped up for this:
1) It won't run on most computers.. I get 60 frames per second and max settings on Bioshock yet this game runs very poorly for me with low resolution and medium settings

2) Electronic Arts.

3) This site is mostly for kids to cry about consoles, and PC games aren't as popular as on other sites.

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masterg4871d ago

This the first game in years I have considered upgrading my PC for.
But I'm no gonna do it. The money is not a problem.
I just don't wanna spend a ton of time buying and installing all these upgrades when my PC's are running great for all the other stuff I use them for.

Of course if Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament wasn't coming to the PS3 it would be a different story. But with those games plus Ratchet, Uncharted, Haze and what not I would probably play the single player then spend some hours on the multiplayer and then return to the comfort of my couch to play on PSN or LIVE.

Looking great non the less.

lynx1halo4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Yes all it will cost you is a measly $1000 to either upgrade or purchase a whole new rig to play this game on the minimum setting LOL.....i think not

Noodlecup4871d ago

Let me clear something up

1. It looks better than Ratchet, ratchet is stunning but crysis is the next level of graphics
2. It won't cost you $1000 to run crysis as the media will tell you, a PC which will run it on medium (which still looks better than every console game out there) will cost you roughly $300
3. Crysis has already gone gold, trust me people care about this game and PC gamers are most unlikely to visit a site rife with console wars banter, unfortunately apart from Crysis, CoD4 and UT3 PC gamers don't have much to look forward to.

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The story is too old to be commented.