Game Boy's Donkey Kong Returns on 3DS eShop Today

Remember "Donkey Kong" for the Game Boy? Well it's coming out today on the eShop! Find out more after the link!

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Vegivo2682d ago

Looking forward to download :)

GamersXTREME2682d ago

Agreed. I downloaded it when it was posted up on the eShop and it's definitely bringing back memories. Can never really go wrong with Donkey Kong :)

Toadmaster892682d ago

OMG! I remember this game!! Every level was amazing. Too bad I lost the cartridge when I was 8-9. For sure I will buy this!

live2play2682d ago

never played it, but i downloaded it today because people kept sayung how great it was

now im loving this game

Marceles2682d ago

Yeah it really was great. When I was younger I expected it to be only the classic levels, but then after those levels it's like a totally brand new game lol. I was pleasantly surprised, it's a pretty long game too