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Dealspwn writes: "It’s difficult (and irresponsible) to make a value judgement about Dark Souls' gameplay at this stage, but after enjoying the fluid, graceful stylings of Dragon’s Dogma earlier that day, the swordplay was decidedly cumbersome in comparison. In fact, the combat system feels in need of a fair few tweaks over the next few months. Attacks and parries don’t feel as immediate and responsive as they should, and the lumbering movement speed and mechanics are clunky to the extreme."

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Tex1172685d ago

Actually, when you die, you still have the "lose all your souls" unless you can touch it again before dying mechanic.

Clunky combat? From all accounts it plays like the first one, the first one had strategic weight on purpose. It was a timing thing.

No fanfare "special move?" Its like this article never played Demon's Souls. My gawd, if FromSoftware installed a "Press X for Awesome" button, then it wouldn't even be a "Souls" game.

Obviously this author either (A) Never Played Demon's Souls; (B) Hates Demon's Souls; or (C)just failed to see why Demon's Souls commands the cult that it does.

Louis_Guzman2678d ago

Agreed, author is a noob, a tool, or both.