Mass Effect 3 To Feature Four Player Co-op?

According to a report Mass Effect 3 will feature four-player co-op portion. The co-op portion will apparently be “standalone” and will feature “competitive elements”.

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himdeel2680d ago

Hmm stand alone separate from story im okay with that.

omi25p2680d ago

A type of hoarde mode??

RedDead2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Considering it's dropped the Rpg side of it with ME2, maybe it is

Depends on the game. It USED to be just you know...havel a leveling system and stats be the focus of the gameplay. ME has dropped that completely anyway to the bare minimum, it has as much leveling up as God of War.

FF doesn't exactly give you a choice on what you do next does it? Play the story with some side missions and some sense of character progression.

Mass effect 2 is a third person shooter with minor RPG elements and exploration(sort of)

omi25p2680d ago

doesnt role playing mean you play the role of the character and make his choices. So having a conversation wheel and choosing which missions to go on ECT mean its still an rpg?

Charmers2680d ago

Ah tacked on multiplayer mode FTW eh, yeah ME 3 mp is going to have a long and healthy life. All this will do is anger the existing fan base and do hardly anything to attract new customers to the franchise.

I remember reading an article a few days ago where they acknowledge they screwed up with DA 2 and lost a lot of loyal fans and they had learned their lesson. Obviously from all these MP rumours they haven't learnt their lesson.

Solidus187-SCMilk2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

meaning that they took time out of making the game the best it can be to make a garbage multiplayer mode that true fans dont have any desire for?
If this gme has any flaws then I will blame bioware for tacking on some garbage multiplayer that nobody asked for instead of spending that time on the SP.

I wish they would just put out the best SP game they would for the final game. but whatever, they want to attract the COD crowd, even thought they will never try a game like ME.

Whatever, I hope this isnt true but this will probably be the last bioware game I buy for a long time anyways.

jrbeerman112680d ago

It did get delayed, so it is entirely possible that single player has already been finished and they are taking the extra 4 months for this mode.

Would rather have the game nov though

GodGinrai2680d ago

I think a spin off set in the ME universe with 4 player co-op would be would be like borderlands in space..but better. and borderlands was good.

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