Gamestop Under Fire

It could be said that GameStop is on a roll. In the past year their stock price has more than doubled from 25.50 to its current home, hovering around 60. In September, the company began turning most of the remaining EB Games stores into GameStop stores. And just last week the company opened their 5000th worldwide location.

But not all is well with the world's largest video game retailer. Over the years they have slowly been ostracizing the hardcore gamers of the world with insulting business practices and annoying employees. When GameStop and EB Games "merged" in 2005, most of GameStop's corporate policies won out and even though the stores were always very similar, gamers felt betrayed that EB Games would eventually go the way of the dodo. I strongly doubt the same number of tears would be shed if GameStop were to disappear tomorrow.


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Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago

All I know is that games are $59.99 plus tax and they give you $25 in credit for trading in brand new releases.

Gamestop/EB games = ripoffs.

TeaDouble_E4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Try working over there, you will hate it even more.

green_ghost54870d ago

How exactly is that a ripoff? Everything you buy decreases dramatically when you leave with it. Just like a brand new car. You drive it for three days, and decide you don't like it you want to trade it in, you'll get only a fraction of the price for that car. That's just how life is.

XxZxX4870d ago

you want to compare with cars, try resell your car after 30 days, you still have at the very least 80% of your original cars value. Try it on games, you only have less than 20% of your original games value. Now that's a ripoff. Life suck if you don't know how to count.

squallsoft4870d ago

and i would also like to add a couple of my own:

8. Offer competitive wages. Minimum wage can't even buy you a weeks worth of gas anymore.

9. Raise the trade in value. Its ridiculous that a game that is only a day old and retails for 60 dollars only trades in for 15. Give me a break. They are gonna resell it for 55 anyway...

10. Old school love. Why shun all the oldies? EB used to sell NES games for god's sake! Now I can't even go to Gamestop and buy PSone games! For shame...

If these things change, there still might be hope for Gamestop yet. As it stands now, i hit Amazon for all my gaming needs...

smirx4870d ago

So, it's starting to sound like Gamestop is the "Wal-Mart" of video game stores. Just what we need.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

you can have 100 reasons for hating Gamestop. Employees say they don't pay enough, some say the employees are fanboys, others even say something stupid like no respect for old school games. Sure whatever works for you...

There's only one reason that matters. They rip you off!

PS360WII4870d ago

Well I'm sort of the baddy here. I go to gamestop and do all the pre-order crap pay it off in full so I can walk in and walk out day of. Most of the employees there I talk gaming with and talk shop with the managers a lot. The store I go to they are pretty informed and knew most of the stuff I threw at them. Don't know about the pay since I don't work there but the store I go to they know the games and the upcoming and the changes that happen.

d3l33t4870d ago

you really dont have a choice, i know i dont. Its that or target/bestbuy/walmart, noneofwich deserve my gaming business.

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The story is too old to be commented.