FTG Review: Marvel Pinball DLC

Our pinball wizard, Fir3truck, takes a look at the new DLC tables for Pinball FX 2. Does this DLC bring something new to the table, or a mere re-skin?

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maxcavsm2708d ago

Wow, really? I'm surprised this got that high of a score...may have to check it out.

Del6732708d ago

Really? It's pinball with Marvel tables and cool little animations! What's not to love?

Yi-Long2708d ago

... so I can buy all the tables in one big buy.

Fir3truck2708d ago

This is as close to playing "real" tables as you can get. It might be even better becuase of all the little stuff they can do with the Superheros.

AmigoSniped2708d ago

Looks pretty promising, might just pick it up. Pinball...Havent played pinball in a long time.