Best Buy sells 60GB PS3 with a free game or controller

Best Buy is selling the 60GB PS3 with a free game (Heavenly Sword, Lair) or a controller.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

It's a good bargin. I personally would go with the 40GB if I didn't have a PS3 already. It's the best price.

smirx4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

I agree that the 40gb is a great buy, it's probably the smartest move Sony has made for the PS3 to date. I hope I don't sound greedy, but I would prefer if they gave you an instant $30.00 rebate on ANY Blu-Ray at time of purchase. I hate Spiderman, I guess it's easier since Sony owns the Spiderman franchise right? Oh well, still a great bargain. I would buy it for 400 bucks even if it didn't come with a movie!

lonestarmt4876d ago

Gay? haha nope ( I won't go into it, because I can go on forever on all the unwarranted hate on spiderman 3, so I won't go there) All because you didn't like spiderman 3,didn't mean lots did, and in fact LOTS did. In fact spiderman 3 holds almost every record there is for a movie; best weekend, fastest earning, best opening day, best imax,best world wide, highest grossing ever. So from there view they are only putting the most successful movie of all time with the system. I think thats a really smart move, regardless if you liked it or not, spiderman 3 is prob going to be the best selling dvd, and the best selling blu-ray of all time so far. Plus they want people to get into blu-ray so its a win win.

smirx4876d ago

lonestarmt, you started your comment off by saying, "I won't go into it, because I can go on forever on all the unwarranted hate on spiderman 3, so I won't go there". You then proceed to explain how great it is. Huh? Anyways, your absolutely right about Sony choosing a guaranteed hit to include. However, almost everyone I know, said they were disappointed in the film. Therefore, I know there are people who would rather be able to choose the movie they get. I guess it's hard to argue with free though.

lonestarmt4876d ago

yeah that comment didn't make sense did it?? lol. Well I didn't really talk about why its great really, because if its great or not is a matter of opinion really, what I stated were facts. I could write a huge novel on here on why I think its the best of the three movie wise not sales wise, thats what I was really saying. I was just trying to say how much of an success it was. The best even. So from sony's stand point you put whats to be predicted that could be the best selling DVD and blu-ray of all time, it would make sense to put that in the bundle. I think its a better choice than what they went with at launch talledaga nights.

Haha again with well all my friends said it sucked too. What a world we live in. All my friends love it, including my parents and girlfriend. Its a matter of opinion and you prob have friends that think similar to you so they didn't like it either.

I agree with everyone that it should come with a game, maybe motorstorm or fall of man ( not likely since its rated M), but since this movie is the highest grossing film of all time, and its made by sony for heavens sake, its the safer route. I don't agree with it, but it makes total sense. haha for me if I didn't already have a ps3 or going to buy spiderman blu-ray already, that would have been a selling point for me. Anyway thank you for your mature and respectable disagree for that I give you a bubble.

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lonestarmt4876d ago

yeah lair is not a good game to go with it, but heavenly sword yeah, thats awesome. What a game to showcase the ps3! so what if its short, its a great game, and the perfect game to show people what the ps3 is capable of.

ruibing4876d ago

These games almost all single players are short, so yeah getting HS with a 60GB is a good deal. has already ran out of 60GB, so you all better jump on this if you want a 60GB version.

eXplotion4876d ago

its pointless right now. Get the 60GB before it runs out.

IdontTakeSides4876d ago

Exactly get the 60GB b4 it's gone....Heavenly Sword is a great game it's not that short as the reviewers made it out to be...Lair is an OK game if ppl are willing to learn the can be a fun game..!!

razer4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Since the 80gig w/ a game is the same price as the 60gig w/ no game. I see stacks of the 60gig at BB and there was only 1 80gig.

Edit: Just realized this is online only.. better than nothing but lame. Instant gratification FTW!

Birdman184876d ago

this deal is actually a few weeks old. once we (best buy) dropped the price of the 80g, a notice was put out to include either Lair, HS, or a controller for free with the 60g's to get them out of stock. so this isnt an online only offer, we are offering it instore as well. we even have signage up on the offer in my store

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