Is this the Hitman game fans wanted? We assess the E3 demo - writes: "Hitman: Absolution was one of the key games of this year's E3. The wall outside Square Enix's presentation room was adorned with "Game of the Show" nominations, but these trophies merely acted as physical confirmation of what was already patently obvious: Agent 47 has become the most popular slaphead since Michael Stipe, and next year's reboot is going to be a very big deal indeed - for IO Interactive, for Square Enix, and for the gamers everywhere. Especially the bald ones."

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BabyTownFrolics2680d ago

its the hitman game fans are gonna get

just_looken2680d ago

very true and fn sad at least though we get another hitman movie out of the deal.

M4I0N32680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

is it me, or does Agent 47 look abit like Joaquin Phoenix (if he was bald)? Check the links to compare the two

Coffin872680d ago

This action-based kill everyone-trailer was totally not my thing, this was not the 47 I know..
I read somewhere that he has something like an "instinct" that tells him which routes the enemies will go.. guess they're trying to make it retard-accessible. But you can turn this off if you want.. but anyway..
Those who reviewed the E3 demo said that the level they saw was heavily scripted.. again, not the 47 I know.
But some said that this was only the first level of the game, and usually the first hitman levels are not much more than a tutorial so you can master the next level.

But if they add something like a checkpoint system and no free saves.. this series will be dead.

bauer0072680d ago

i lol every trailer for each game in the series has shown action you idiot, they have said they are making it more accessible to a wider audience while still allowing the hardcore edge, the stuff they showed at E3 was new features, a demo CREATED for E3!!!

ShabbaRanks2680d ago

I sure hope so, because from what I saw in the article is seems alot more linear then past Hitman games...

lastdual2680d ago

In the interviews they talked a lot about "player empowerment", making you feel more deadly, taking away penalties for failure, etc.

Basically, it's a lot of the same thinking that went into Splinter Cell: Conviction, so if you liked Hitman for the stealth and feeling of actual vulnerability, I can understand the concerns.

Action seems to be front-and-center this time around.

STK0262680d ago

From what IO said, the game will allow you, like previous games (mostly Blood Money), to choose to play it like a stealth game or not. The only thing I noticed in the E3 demo was that shooting seemed better than in previous hitman games and that CQC seemed much more natural and less glitchy animation wise.

Also, the new graphics engine is a welcome addition, considering their old one was showing its age, which can easily be seen in Kane and Lynch 2 when removing the screen filter.

As for the game being more scripted than previous games, I'm fine with it as long as you can decide whether or not you want to trigger them (for example, the chopper part in the demo, I think they said you didn't have to go that way, so you're not forced to trigger it).

Anyway, I think we should wait to see more of it before judging the game, all we saw was a short demo made to display the new graphics engine, some new gameplay mecanics and prove the game actually exists. It's still a long way until it hits the store shelves.

the_kutaragi_baka2680d ago

new Hitman It kinda looks like a Sam Fisher type of thing.... I'm worried :(

montyburns0002680d ago

I have come to realize that you can never please gamers. just look at the comments here on N4G every day and all you'll see is bitching and moaning about this game or that game, this developer being lazy or that publisher doing DLC, hating on people because they like to play on a rival console.

no wonder the game industry is still seen a kid oriented activity.

I got news for you nobody gives a sh*t what you think, what you play, who you play with or what you play it on.

StillGray2680d ago

IT may not be what I want, but it's what I'm going to get anyway.

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