Was Uncharted 2009 E3 Demo Better Than Uncharted 3's E3 2011 Demo? You Judge (Video)

Uncharted 3 is undoubtedly one of the best games that will see a release on November 1st this year exclusively for PS3. And just like its older sibling, the game will surely win countless awards during its lifetime. It’s no doubt one of the best franchises to hit the gaming world this generation, and we must give props to Naughty Dog for what they’ve achieved.

Last week at E3 2011, Naughty Dog Co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra came on stage to present the latest demo for Uncharted 3, a demo prepared just for E3, and it was unforgivingly awesome. Two years prior, however, the same two guys showed up at Sony’s press conference to debut the E3 trailer for Uncharted 2. In your opinion, which one was more exciting, more epic and more effective? We’ve prepared a video for your quenching and opinionated pleasure below the break.

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rabidpancakeburglar4639d ago

I'd say it's about even because although the U3 demo looked amazing and looks like another step up in the uncharted series, the helicopter fight demo in U2 was too epic to give U3 the win.

malamdra4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

it's a good point but I think this is mostly related to the 2011 demo taking place on a mainly dark setting, which didn't show all its graphical detail and quality on online streaming or the TV broadcast

so it was a little harder to see how good the 2011 demo was, I could only watch properly when I downloaded the press conference from the PSN in HD

limewax4639d ago

Either way, I personally wont let a demo give me any indication of Uncharted 3. The demo could have been of one of the most boring sections and I would still buy it because Uncharted is about the overall experience and I don't doubt that ND will deliver on that front.

Although the 2009 demo was a spectacle in itself, These sorts of demos can often put me off the idea of a game personally as it can be an indication of the gimmick filled game to follow. To be honest I prefer a demo showcasing the features in as brief a manner as possible leaving plenty of mystery to the game

paintsville4639d ago

They look pretty much identical..meh.

afterMoth4639d ago

Uncharted 2's easiyl for me. Though UC3's is still great!

I love both Uncharted 1 and 2 but 1 is still my favorite to play through.

hakis864639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

Let's not forget that Uncharted 3 runs in 3D (2x 720p).

ps3bestever4639d ago

Uncharted 2 was Really Fantastic, But U3 is epic epic epic .... EPIC !

Ares844639d ago

I agree that it does look great but so far the locations that I've seen I'm not so excited about. Uncharted 1 & 2 had much better locations so far.

Also, I'm not so happy that they are focusing so much on MP now. Looks to me that MP is the most important aspect of U3 because that was shown the most and it is the main focus of ND this time around. I'm not so happy about this.

jdfoster004639d ago

I disagree. I'm glad you put 'so far' in their though. Like ND are allways saying they like to work with different things and out different things in their game. Forexample in this they have shown you fire, now water... what next? They are putting more effort into mp ... Is that a bad thing? No. Like ND has said this will be the best solo experience yet and they have now a SEPARATE dedicated MP team whereas for UC2 they didn't have a dedicated team.

RedDead4639d ago

I thought the Uncharted 2 demo was miles better, the building falling was just..great.

theIMP4639d ago

I love the way they made that part feel. It really felt like you were in that building falling.

DrFUD4639d ago

2 looks a lot better in the videos

koehler834639d ago

I don't think people understand or can appreciate what they saw of Uncharted 3 at E3.

Procedurally generated waves and real-time physics acting upon the entire level in a entirely unpredictable sequence.