Nintendo Really Screwed Up With Wii U

GPT: "Leading up to this year’s Electronics and Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, gamer’s excitement and level of anticipation built up to incredible levels as Nintendo’s unveiling of the next great home console grew near. No one outside of the inner circle at the Big N could have imagined what was going to be shown. Many are still shocked at how Reggie Fils-Aime was able to sound so optimistic as he showed of a piece of hardware that is reportedly only 50% more powerful than the Sony Playstation 3, which released in 2006."

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Pixel_Enemy2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Here are the deal breakers for me...

New controller is just a controller, PS vita can probably do the same stuff and leave the house as well.

The new controller looks like it has a lot of opportunities to be a tablet for the living room but it won't be.

The console looks like it is nintendos step into this gen and not next gen.

Won't play DVD or blu-ray.

NatureOfLogic2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

There are two reasons why I didn't buy a Wii, no 720p or 1080p HD and the Controller. The reasons I will finally get zelda and mario action with the wiiU.

pangitkqb2775d ago

The WiiU checklist:

Expensive controller? Check

No Hard Drive? Check

Support for only one touch controller at a time? Check

No Blu-ray/DVD playback? Check

Only Marginally more powerful than 5-year-old competing consoles? Check

A humongous disappointment for fans & a big mistake for Nintendo? CHECK-FREAKIN' MATE.

The more I learn the less I like about the Wii U. U make mii sad, Nintendo.

SilentNegotiator2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


Don't forget,
"Doesn't appeal to 50% of our Wii user base?

They are making a MASSIVE mistake for their bottom line. They've made massive success around appealing to EVERYONE, and now they're introducing a console too difficult for those with arthritis and too complex for the kiddies. And without motion taking center stage, they've already bit the hands of the housewives looking for "fun" "weight-loss"

jimineyscrickets2775d ago

@ pangitkqb & silentnegotiator

You should also add:

Announced too early and in a confusing way so people mistook the controller as the console?

N4g_null2775d ago

Wow I'm almost happy you guys hate it. Means it will do just fine.

Grand pa can use the wii mote for his games still and little John doe has pokemon and the hardcore are getting every great franchise that they missed last gen.

The controller interacts with the big screen unlike the vita with a fast response and edram on the cups not just the gpu is new tech.

It's crazy how you guys have a problem with choice. Oh well. The presentation was fine some people are dense thanks for pointing out your selves out.

The problem is no one still makes nintendo franchises on any other console. We all know pokemon, Mario and wii what ever sells just on game play, not hype. Now we have a true hd console finally! Real hd at a fast frame rate it only equals fail to those whose wasted money last gen.

You know uncharted would be great at 60 fps but hey who needs that?

gii bro2775d ago

Wii U hasn't even been released yet but you think you know it all
Needs Multimedia to compete 'Wii says hi'
You and this article are full of shit
Wii U says 'Fuck U All'

Biggest2775d ago

Stop comparing the WiiU to the Wii. The Wii didn't compete as much as it found a different audience. Unless the WiiU is released at a $200 price point, that same audience will be no where near it. It sold well because of price and "innovation", but mainly price. If it costs the same as the 360 and PS3, but with fewer features, no one but the most dedicated gamers will care for it.

BeOneWithTheGun2774d ago

@SilentNegotiator. Let me play devil's advocate for a minute. The Wii was marketed to the kiddies and soccer mom's with extra badonkadonk and it sold like fricking hotcakes.

Fast forward a few years and guess what? Those kiddies are now teens and DO understand the tech. They grew up on Wii and brand loyalty will get them to purchase the next console.

I guarantee you Nintendo will market it to the moms with some unknown factor. No on can dispute the marketing Goliath that is Nintendo's PR department. They have something in the works and it will draw them in in droves.

Look at the COD franchise. MILLIONS keep buying the next installment and IT'S THE SAME DAMN GAME! This is a big step up in power and graphics for the Wii and it will sell, sell, sell.

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n4f2774d ago

they should had call it wii ds cause itd basically a console with ds like ability

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2775d ago

50% more powerful than the ps3 eh?

Psh please. The sun is barely 25% more powerful than the ps3. (lol jkjk)

Seriously though, they couldve had a better outting for it. IDK if theyre relying on brand loyalty or what to sell ppl on it.

VG_Releaser2775d ago

They were smart to keep the Wii name for brand recoginition, but middle aged moms who bought Wii wont want Wii U or Ninja Gaiden.

CBaoth2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

It is the younger female, ages 15-35, who Nintendo hopes to attract to its new console. 15 million tablets were sold during the 4th quarter last year alone. Now look at the percentages of those who use tablets.

In the WiiU, I find it commendable Nintendo continually seeks ways of attracting new audiences to gaming yet are attempting to cater to the insatiable demands of the core gamer. Very hard row to till.

raiden-492775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I think that the re-use of the word "Wii" in the name is not a smart thing to do like the 3DS it will fell like just a slightly diffident version this will confuse people who have bought Wii and the controller looks more like a add on to the Wii its self.

EDIT:The Nintendo name is a house hold name as it is

N4g_null2775d ago

I don't like the wiiu but it makes sense. It is also the wii and a kick ars hd gaming platform. They can co exsist. It's been like that in gaming till this gen. You had simple games right beside the other games until this last gen.

No one is going to be confused. It will be sold as the wii that connects to you HDTV and if you have a sdtv you'll get a wii. It's actually simple.

Real hardcore gamers ignore what they don't like and simply don't buy it. Heck even if they have to import it.

Hardware sells when your type of game comes along. For many gamers the ps3 is ignoring their type of games and the xbox gets maybe one as a download.

Lots of game play types are missing. Hey why complain developers are going to make what they want anyway.

Raven_Nomad2775d ago

Didn't they say Nintendo really screwed up with the original Wii as well? Guess for some strange reason people still like to doubt Nintendo.

charlescox42775d ago

Except that the Wii was marketed towards an untapped group of gamers and potential gamers. Who paid attention to the casual market before? Nintendo won this generation thanks to casuals, but apparently doesn't realize that. Somehow Nintendo doesn't "know which side its bread is buttered on".

Raven_Nomad2775d ago

The Wii U is targeted towards the same market. Plus they are going to grab the tablet fans as well. I will admit it looked really interested to me.

Plus you can still use your Wii controllers as well. The machine itself is pretty powerful and at least for the next couple of years be the most powerful machine on the market. That will draw in the people who care only about graphics and things like that.

Plus Nintendo has the best first party games on the market. Don't be shocked if the Wii U goes on an early tear just like the Wii did. Never count out Nintendo.

I know a lot of people, myself included, who owns a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Wii but I am also going to buy a Wii U. The start of a new generation is always exciting and I want to be a part of that. I think a lot of other people will want to as well.

BeOneWithTheGun2774d ago

It wasn't just the casuals that they targeted it was the youth and this, my friend, is marketing genius. Those "kiddies" are now teens and they all cut their gaming teeth on the Wii. They will eat this shit up.

Look at big tobacco. They say screw the current smokers, we already have 'em. Market to kids, get em hooked and we have a customer for life.

How many people do you know switched their cigg brand? Most smoke what they first started on.

KING852775d ago

I think the Wii U would have been a good idea 5-6 years ago. This is the console they should have made in the first place coupled with the motion control. What the Wii had going for it was price and easy to learn gaming for all ages. I believe Nintendo showed their hand too early and it may very well not bode well for them. I will admit the tablet is interesting, but I don't see how this will be a repeat of the Wii as Nintendo appears to be going in an entirely new direction. I guess we may have to wait and see what they fully have to show before making a final judgment.

charlescox42775d ago

Exactly! Bubbles for accuracy.

N4g_null2775d ago

You guys can't understand it can you? It's the games that sell the wii. You may hate them but some of these games are what these people wanted. Then add true third party support and you get ports that should all run at 60fps in true hd.

I mean if you like brands sure you don't like nintendo but the real hardcore doesn't care about brands which is why you see divides in multiplatform games across systems.

The only way for ms and Sony to out do the wiiu is to support high end tessalation which the hd6000 and 7000 only run at 15-30 fps. Unless the 7000 will have a detected engine on the chip to just do that.

Biggest2775d ago

There is one game that sells the Wii.

Cheap As Hell™

Venox20082775d ago

I didn't read article..but I can say that when it 'll be released, then we'll see did they screw or's hard to predict ..same was said about Wii and it's low spec hardware..