Blu-ray Disc Assn. Promotes New Feature "Bonus View"

The Blu-ray Disc Assn. has branded the new profile for Blu-ray hardware 'Bonus View.'

After Oct. 31, all launched Blu-ray players must feature advanced functionality not required of earlier players. These enhancements, previously either termed Profile 1.1 or Full Profile, include greater memory and the ability to play picture-in-picture.

During Monday's Blu-ray Festival here, Andy Parsons, senior VP of product planning at Pioneer and chair of the BDA Promotions Committee, confirmed the new name for the specifications.

"The key point is to get to the transition to Bonus View," said Parsons to VB. "The player is compatible with all the hardware. We won't quibble over something like [the firmware upgrade]. We don't want to get bureaucratic. The most important thing is to deliver product that meets customer expectations."

The next evolution for Blu-ray players is BD Live, which is hardware that boasts Bonus View with the addition of Web connectivity. This profile remains an option for hardware manufacturers, but they are expected to soon start announcing such players.

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smirx4866d ago

I'm interested to see what will be important enough to have to watch in the "picture in picture" screen while already enjoying your movie. I read in another article that it might show important key scenes that occurred earlier in the movie to help remind you of the relevance. If so, isn't that kind of "dumbing-down" the experience. Too early to say I guess. At any rate, you can't argue with another feature right?

SmokeyMcBear4866d ago

i really don't know whats the point of it.. never used it with my tv anyways, definately not going to use it while watching a movie, so meh.. extra stuff is good i guess, i won't be using it.

ChanDangle4866d ago

I'm pretty sure that a lot of studios are going to take advantage of that for director commentary while the movie is playing.

smirx4866d ago

I didn't even think about that factor. That would be awesome! Or they could use it in other Bonus Features... For example: in blooper reels have a camera on the cast laughing at the blooper as well. Sweet.

mighty_douche4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

the PIP is for the dvd extras, like directors commentry, you'll be able to watch the movie and have the little dude (director) in the corner, its pretty cool but to be honest im not even one for watching the extras anyway, well maybe comedys.

oops dude above said it first, should read, my bad.

Arutha4865d ago

A good example of PIP is the 300 on HD DVD. They showed how the scene looked like while it was filmed in the smaller window while the large window had the movie playing. It was pretty awesome seeing the blue background and the 15-20 guys on the set, then seeing a few hundred on the main screen. I imagine once "Bonus View" gets going WB may rerelease the 300 on BR with the PIP commentary like the HD DVD version.

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Bazookajoe_834866d ago

People wont use it, but it looks good if it says picture in picture.

DFresh4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

The future is coming
soon enough just like I said everyone
will have a PS3
It's clear enough by what Sony has going for it
to make it funny everyone
check out that video off of You Tube
you'll understand
it's called
PS3 VS Toaster

Shaka2K64866d ago

Just like a good wine or the PS3.

LoydX-mas4865d ago

Just one BIG problem:

You better own a PS3 or these new features won't work on ANY existing stand-alone Blu-ray players.

All Blu-ray players made right now are only profile 1.0. They cannot be upgraded.

Unlike HD-DVD, which had all these features STANDARD from the very first player.

hitthegspot4865d ago

Where is your proof that the PS3 is more than a BR 1.0?

LoydX-mas4865d ago

you're right. Even the PS3 is not 1.1 compliant. Yet,maybe,someday, least that is what Sony has said.

Snukadaman4866d ago

nice you blu-ray people are getting it now...the only problem I have with it is the movie cant be stopped too view the extra content. also with certain discs you get web enabled content as well..where you can download extra scenes in the knocked up.

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