Gamersyde Review: InFamous 2

Better looking, better paced, more spectacular, InFamous 2 has clearly improved on the first game's formula in every possible department. Beating the game once will take you a good while (especially if you want to get the 100% rating), but you will undoubtedly want to try a second run to do things differently and make other decisions. And if you think that's all InFamous 2 has to offer, you are sadly mistaken; for the same price, you also get a creation tool that permits to build your own missions and share them with the community. Still, some might think the game has pretty much remained the same in terms of gameplay, which is partly true I guess. But who's to say it's a bad thing? Sucker really created a great universe that would perfectly fit to the big screen - provided they improve the plot though. But until some Hollywood producers decide to give it a go (and probably blow it), we get to be the super hero and feel all the power that comes with it like never before in a video game. PS3 owners, this summer is going to be hot, so you don't want to miss the first refreshing thunder storm of the season!

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