3 Gen old Radeon Powers the Wii U

According to Japanese publication Game Watch, powering the graphics in the Wii U is an AMD Radeon HD 4000 series class GPU. Yes, this does mean that the Wii U, which is still a year away from market, is already spec'ed with a GPU that's decidedly last-generation.

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just_looken2868d ago

ROFL AND AMD? just fail nintendo the only positive is the dx10 and shader 4.0. here is a link to the ford of the graphics cards

ps vita > wiiu

fossilfern2868d ago

Whats wrong with AMD ? Im using a 4 series card right now and its still holding up.

amilio2868d ago

ummm people their using old dev kits in the Wii U right now. so basically this article is kinda old. dont worry it will be more powerful way more

Active Reload2868d ago

If Sony tries to release the Vita at the same time as the Wii U, I'll be waiting longer to get the Vita. Sony better shoot for holidays 2011...

evrfighter2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

4 series amd cards can easily deliver 1080p at 60fps. Thats how much faster pc's are than consoles

And the title over at toms reads "previous generation".

Like how you tried to skew it to make nintendo look bad

captain-obvious2868d ago

yah i knew this is going to happen
just like i said next gen is going to be around DX10 or DX10.1

starchild2868d ago

Nintendo is definitely not pushing the envelope, but the Wii U will still be quite a bit more powerful than either the PS3 or 360.

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ProjectVulcan2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago ) do realise that something like a Radeon 4870 is a good 4 times faster than RSX/Xenos and could quite easily deliver better visuals in 1080p than PS3 or 360 could manage in 720p right?

Sure its dated by modern PC standards- not by console standards however. An R770 is plenty faster than Ps3 and 360, you would notice it for sure if this long running rumour turns out to be correct. Look at how fast a 4870 is with all the overheads that come with the PC platform. Stripped down for a console it would be even faster.

With good optimisation then porting battlefield 3 onto a machine with that GPU spec would mean it would look pretty close to the full fat PC version.

The other bonus for nintendo is this kind of chip would now be pretty cheap to produce.

Ravenor2868d ago

I JUST upgraded one of my PC's from a 4870, it was still cracking almost everything at a higher res, and framerate then the console versions.

By almost everything I mean Metro 2033 gave it some trouble. So really other then that it was always perfectly fine...little hot though.

WetN00dle692868d ago

Isnt the RSX on the PS3 the same?? Its based on an old GPU. So who cares if the WII U has an old gen GPU, as long as the games look awesome nothing else matters.

Shok2868d ago

1) A 3 gen-old Radeon is still far more powerful than the PS3 and 360.

2) The GPU is BASED off the R700 series, it's not like it's the first gen model of the R700. Nintendo is using a custom and UPDATED R700 GPU. That's what the rumors say at least.

3) This isn't confirmed, it's all rumor.

4) The GPU alone doesn't determine how strong a console is. The PS3 has garbage GPU but it makes up in power with it's CPU.

iforgotmylogin2868d ago

7900gtx isnt garbage, 7800gtx was all the rage back then. but your comment is pretty spot on.

Computersaysno2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

7800GTX was a good card, but it came when Ati had made advances and fought back after the highly successful Geforce 6 series. The X1800XT edged it out on advanced games, and it supported MSAA + HDR. Nv47 did not, and RSX shares those weaknesses.

RSX is not as fast as a 7800GTX either despite having higher core clocks. Less than half of the memory bandwidth and half the ROPs ensured that.

RSX's peak performance is pretty much impossible to reach because of its limited memory bandwidth and its vertex fillrate is poor as a result too. Just a Radeon 4670 would trounce RSX comprehensively. Xenos too, if you think this is only beating on PS3.

iforgotmylogin2868d ago

you dont know anything about graphics cards.
the ps3 graphics card is basically a 7900GT

that card came out in 2006

the radeon hd4000 is capable of next gen graphics that the ps3 cant even do, and put with the cpu in it which is a workhouse you can expect to see some good looking stuff.

ps3s graphics are mixed in with the cell processor to get some nice results, the same can be done for the wii2. dont judge a book by its cover and nintendo can always go for 2x of these in a system which provides way better results.

the hd4000 series translates to the gtx200 series which are beasts of cards still to this day.

unless vita can power any engine maxed out on 2560x1600 60fps on high its shouldnt be compared to anything pc/console.

imo just so you know
2560x1600 = max resolutions for pc games to play a game at that level you would need 2x-4x high end gpus. low level pcs dont have do do that and have great graphics because the resolution is at 1200x or something.

JsonHenry2868d ago

The Rv770 is an HD4870 in the PC world. That is a VERY powerful GPU compared to what is in the PS3/360. Like, more than double the speed.

Of course, it did say it was BASED on that part. Not sure if it has been toned down or just modified form factor to fit in the Wii-U.

Either way, it will be be able to produce much better visuals. But it better since it is the start of the "next" gen. :/

ABizzel12868d ago

To be honest this is what I expected from Nintendo. Personally I'm not disappointed, the console should be more than enough for Nintendo franchise. Do we really need to see Mario with Crysis graphics?

A Mario game on par with the Ratchet and Clank games is more than enough.

The only games that would greatly benefit from a huge upgrade would be Zelda and Metroid. Practically every other Nintendo franchise has that cartoon look to it.

monkeys2867d ago

um wii u uses open gl. Why would it use dx10 it does not run windows?

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slavish32868d ago

well it will still be the most powerful console when released even though xbox next and ps4 will be alot more powerful shortly after

undercovrr2868d ago

How do you know this? Nintendo hasn't mentioned anything like that at their conference, and I honestly have yet to see any mind blowing footage. You are just assuming.

slavish32868d ago Show
iforgotmylogin2868d ago

comment that made the most sense

wiiu/ps4/720 wont be impressive it just hit me

"If you don't see it on PC today, you won't see it on consoles tomorrow."

pc gameing hardware is so dam crazy the best rigs are like x40 ps3s in terms of power if you dont see mind blowing on them you wont see it on anything console wise.

roguewarrior2868d ago

Welcome to the 7th Gen Nintendo.

D0ffy2868d ago

This isn't news, this is a rumour. Wrong category.

OT: This would be kinda sad, if it turned out to be true.

D0ffy2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

How can anyone disagree with that? Did Nintendo post this?

NO! Therefore not official = rumour.

Unless you're disagreeing that it's sad of course.

matey2868d ago

its a custom gpu so it will have the best features from the other series ive heard its a HD4890 but with 7000 series yes the new 1 next year features from that so even with this card u can get Dx11,SM4.1 and more plus coupled with Power7 with tons of memory 4 exreme gameplay u have a chip 5 times as powerful as ps3 easy even on pc its powerful on a closed box optimised it will make ps3 graphics look old.

but i know its the HD7000 U WAIT from what ive read officially from AMD its obvious there building a state of art chip based on HD7000 series that comes out next year we will see if im right.

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