Anon: Sony attacks dropped, PSN users were “butthurt”

A VG247 interview has confirmed that Anonymous has dropped action against Sony, as well as branding PSN users “selfish” and “butthurt” over their anger at the service’s recent outage.

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Zir02682d ago

Thats good to hear but I don't think Anon is the problem anymore, its more that Lulzsec (of whatever they are called) who are attacking game companies who have done nothing.

Jamaicangmr2682d ago

Don't understand why you got so many disagrees 16 to 4 agrees to be exact. Did i miss something are we now majority in support of these types of hackers? you didnt say anything in defense of a particular brand or anything that usually generates automatic disagrees.

I'm confused just wish atleast one of these cowards would man up and say what they disagree with. However this is n4g and logic rarely shows its face on this site.

@ Zir0
For the record i agree.

Rettom2682d ago

I would usually man up, but I don't really disagree with anyone on a major thing, cuz I'm never given the chance ;)

But yeah, Anonymous is dead... (I hope)

sdtarm2682d ago

the problem is not any determined group, the problem are the hackers

WhittO2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Attacks have been "dropped"...more like failed.

I'm sure they tried everything they could think of to hack their way in/bring servers down again, glad they are the ones walking away "butt hurt".
Looks like the money Sony spent in re-fortifying PSN has paid off in terms of increased security.

Sony seem to be having some success at already catching some hackers related to Anon too lol, only a matter of time!

(Also, why exactly wouldn't we be angry at a bunch of D*CKHEADS hacking into a system to STEAL ALL OUR INFO & CREDIT CARD DETAILS and bring down the PSN - which millions use for over 3 WEEKS!?!?)

b_one2682d ago

Mainly, Media are problem - they wont stop writing about them... im thinking, they (lulzsec) need for cash is astronomical, those phone operations, equipment, servers etc cost money... attackin CIA FBI....balls of steel strange.

vitz32682d ago

I think it's stupid that some websites think they can "interview" Anonymous.

There is no central group, there is no "Spokesperson", there is no weekly f'ing meeting, there is no organization, there is no agreed upon press releases.

This article is utter crap. Anyone who believes Anon can be interviewed is mentally deficient.

For all we know this guy could have been reviewing his gimp, ordered him to read replies and simply changed his name to Anon.

O.O Oh wow, edgy!

Pacman3212682d ago

Ironic that they'll be the ones who are "butthurt" once they end up in prison.

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solidjun52682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

We're "butthurt" and selfish cause we wanted to play with our friends online? We're "butt hurt" cause we wanted to buy games over the network and enjoy whatever free time we have with friends and family (at least for me) who are miles away? Please, cry me a river.

For your cause, you ruin the enjoyment of millions (if it was you in the first place). What you guys did was selfish and now you're acting "butt-hurt" over it.

thereapersson2682d ago

It's just reverse-trolling / reverse-butthurt. They're projecting their frustration over the fact that life was normal and routine for millions of PSN users before all this bullsh!t started happening. The intervention of ANYONE was not only not necessary, but not warranted.

theIMP2682d ago

LOL, reverse-butthurt. Thats funny.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2682d ago

Pretty much reaper. It's really pathetic how they're placing the blame on gamers. So much for fighting for the rights of gamers, lol.

rabidpancakeburglar2682d ago

Don't forget, they also said not long before PSN was hacked that they wouldn't go after PSN. The butthurtitude is completely justified.

THC CELL2682d ago

Why dont they come forward and we will show them how we really feel, and its fucking them who was butt hurt. Dont thank them for fuck all they are shit heads who should be jailed for attacking the gaming world.

LightofDarkness2682d ago

Can we all stop saying butthurt? It's asinine.

earbus2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Ha ha classic,and you believe them go hackers,lol reaper reverse butt hurt lmao block and counter.

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