Control yourself

One of the most radical features of Assassin's Creed is its unique control system.

If you've seen the game in action, you might have wondered how a mere mortal goes about making Altair look as spectacular and graceful as when one of the game designers has a pad in their hand.

But seconds after Screen Play pick up the pad in Damascus, Altair is performing all manner of amazing gymnastics and devastating swordplay.

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Eclipticus4872d ago

damn between this and mass effect looks likes videogames are really able to blur the line between movies, and books.
In AC you dont mash buttons to jump or twist, but the character does it automtically jump and whatnot. so it propels the story smoother. Im not sure if the masses will like it, but its an interesting attempt anyways. And with Mass effect being compared to movies with its cinemtacs... the line is definatly being blurred. sooner or later, the general public will have to admit Videogames is another legit artform.