E3 2011 Eyes-On: The War Of The Worlds (gamrReview)

gamrReview - "War of the Worlds is a difficult property to make a video game from. The original book from author H.G. Wells may deal with an alien invasion but is more of a survival tale than a full on action romp. So when translating this over to video game form developers must be careful to respect the origins of this classic novel while still making it fun for players. Now I’m a big fan of the book and was positively excited to sit down and watch a live demo of TheWar Of The Worlds by the game’s designers. So does this one make Mr. Wells proud or is this just another case of ‘the book was better’?"

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N4GAddict2684d ago

Anyone know if this one PC?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2684d ago

w00t a game based on a movie that was loosely based on an amazing book. I wonder how much further this will deviate from the original story that was butchered by the movie already.

IronFistChinMi2684d ago

It's not based on the movie.