Carmack: Games consoles might be dead in a decade

id Software’s programming genius John Carmack thinks games consoles might die out in ten years, thanks to technological limitations and the rise of cloud computing.

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VampiricDragon2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

then gaming will be over and done with as an industry. Its already going down at an alarming rate. Profits for the companies keep decreasing year over year

@ below
bioware and bethesda deciding to dumb down there rpgs for the masses as nothing to do with this issue.

This is an issue were over 75 percent of all game sales are physical and your just wiping that out and expecting people to fall in line. They wont. I wont.

BeastlyRig2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I have no problem with consoles but they are almost like a trend in a box!

I hope sony never tries to forces motion control like M$ as ps3/pc are the only hardcore platforms left..

kwicksandz2684d ago

its ok $ony is too busy trying to force 3d down our throats. their motion control idea was just to tick a box.

Biggest2684d ago

PC has more 3D than the PS3. Not sure why I am telling you as if you actually care.

HappyGaming2683d ago

Does the PC have more games "built" with 3D in mind?

Or do almost all the games that were "built" in 2D run in 3D as well with Nvidia 3D Vision?

2v12684d ago

The next-generation will be here soon, in a couple of years."

So he is predicting 2 years?

I think there a few important factors to take into account...

Firstly, OnLive is already available and experimenting with "broadband" gaming over the internet. There are still lag issues eventhough OnLive's CEO admits that streaming and network lag detection algorithms are being continously worked on and "improved". The issue is that network congestion and internet "pipe-sharing" won't just go away, infact it could get worse as more and more people demand faster speeds.

Carmack my invisage a world where everything is "streamed" to the user, but there are limitations such as cost per megabyte of data, i.e. the dreaded data cap; and how many people want access to the same service in highly congested areas... especially if this takes into account cellular - let's face it, more and more people want to game on the go too, and this demand will only rise. As we all know, wireless cellular datacaps are even worse than physical fixed line datacaps...

It is conceivable that in 10 years time data costs will not be such an issue, but we don't know that for sure. I work in the Telecommunications field as a radio planning and optimisation consultant, and I can tell you, getting a cellular network to behave properly under heavy load is not easy... trust me on this :)

Carmack also speaks as if everyone will have access to the internet. A good majority of people will, but not everyone. There may also be individuals who want to play their gaming "offline", who are comfortable with the idea of remaining "off the grid" so to speak. What happens to them?

The cloud will become more important, but there are real security concerns to. Just look at the past 2 months, and see how many other websites and internet services were hacked to sh*t! The CIA's site went down yesterday thanks to Luzsec... its almost impossible to find these people. Sony also recently admitted they still have no clue who broke into PSN definatively.

I don't know, I get a funny feeling about this... c'mon, who wants all their gaming internet based and in the cloud?

BakedGoods2683d ago

30 years ago to say something like OnLive (hell even the internet for that matter) would exist would be ridiculous.

I appreciate you attempt at dismantling his argument, and for the most part I agree with you. Ultimately though, technology seems to move faster than most of us this is reasonably possible. I for one, would not be surprise to see cloud gaming as the inevitable future.

HappyGaming2683d ago

But don't companies like Virgin Media stream HD TV to millions of people in the UK over cable internet connections?

The Mb/s should be the same with an few addtional b/s to send controller information...

Why is it a problem if companies already stream tones of live footage already?

nickjkl2677d ago

idk about that ive had the same internet speed for like 7 years and my cost have not gone down but instead of went up

rabidpancakeburglar2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

This guy is a "programming genius"? He doesn't seem all that smart to me if he's making stupid predictions like this.

I did read the article and I didn't agree with his reasoning. If you are willing to say to the gaming media that you think consoles "might" be dead in ten years then he is probably pretty sure. I don't believe that though.

Ducky2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Read the article first. He gave his reasoning.

Also, note that he said used the words: *might* be dead

wicko2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Clearly you don't know what "prediction" means, because the article I read had nothing to do with predictions, but speculation and thought provoking questions.

wallis2684d ago

Carmack is renowned for saying what he likes and when he likes. As you might guess the guy doesn't look like a real people person and he isn't, they had to give him a special exit from the Doom movie premier because they knew he'd be painfully frank about it.

He's simply speculating for a bit of fun and do you know what 2021 is going to look like? Microsoft just announced that windows 8 will feature xbox live in almost all of it's glory, they intend to have almost no barriers across their platforms and are even considering a subscription service that allows pc gamers to play 360 games. Consoles are inching closer and closer to the realm of being EXACTLY like pc's as it is. They're boxes with a gpu and a cpu and they hook up to a big screen. The only difference is corporate politics that give us exclusives and different controllers which with every iteration seem to be getting more and more fucking similar to each other.

I don't think this is a stupid prediction at all.

thtruth5742684d ago

consoles are here to stay because its a standardized platform. Every pc everywhere has different cpu, gpu, amount of ram and what have you and it would make for different experiences across the board. Plus you would have to worry about updating drivers and trying to get the game to work exactly right. Also, I think the quality of games would go down in regards to bugs and things since the pc has so much more resources to work with, they wouldnt go to the trouble of optimizing the game (because every pc has different specs) and a lot of the game would probably perform worse than a poor port from a console. It would make the programmers more lazy than they already are. Just my opinion.

JOHN_DOH2684d ago

I think the quality of games would be better. PC games have actually suffered in quality because of consoles. Let's be honest here, any pc you buy today(desktop) would be much faster than a console. It's not that big a deal to update a graphics driver and you don't have to do it for every game. Different hardware just adjust the resolution. I think it's better to be given options. Basically every 360 game is on the pc anyway and even epic, lionhead, etc. all came from pc games

evrfighter12683d ago

he's done more for the gaming industry than Kojima ever will...

just sayin

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perfectCarbonara2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Well, Carmack, so could you, so kick back and have a beer.

SuperStrokey11232684d ago

well 2012 is coming so really we all might as well do that :)

MysticStrummer2684d ago

Highly doubtful. Will consoles change with the times and new tech like they have all along? Yes. Will they go away completely? I'd say no. The whole "Cloud" idea seems less and less desirable to me, given the rise in hacking incidents and the seemingly weak will that most companies and even governments show in fighting them.

ThatOneGuyThere2684d ago

cloud computing and game streaming will never catch on with the way ISPs are limiting monthly bandwidth caps. Such limits with also limit growth.