Take-Two takes a beating following LA Noire sales, lousy DNF reviews

Following the lower-than-expected US sales of LA Noire and the harsh critical reception of Duke Nukem Forever, Take-Two shares have taken a bit of a tumble.

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rabidpancakeburglar2682d ago

I don't know why reviewers seem to be out to trash DNF, if a game is getting a 0/10 then you know something is far wrong. I'm surprised that LA Noire has only sold 900k in the US.

TheLastGuardian20102682d ago

Why? It's not a shooter with action pieces galore. It'll more than likely get Heavy Rain like sales which is still good imo.

rabidpancakeburglar2682d ago

I'm surprised because it's a rockstar game and it's sales aren't bigger.

Electro_UK2682d ago

It doesn't surprise me really. I always thought the idea was that the game would most likely get crappy reviews but people would still pick it up simply because it has to be played.

undercovrr2682d ago

Take 2 sales suffered simply because: 1. Duke Nukem is a piece of crap, and 2. LA Noire is a rent, not a buy.

nilamo2682d ago

Why are they ignoring the EU, I bet the game sold far better in that region.

mananimal2682d ago

gamers dont want a TV/Hollywood series experience as a game. I play games partly cause i HATE!! TV/Hollywood movies, yuck!...L.A Noire is this kinda game, and just like Alan Wake, which microsoft tried to force feed us with, it failed. Hollywood sucks balls and so does Television.

vortis2681d ago

Your logic fails.

If you hate Hollywood movies/TV inspired games then Duke Nukem Forever would be to your liking since it's sort of the opposite of L.A. Noire (one is puzzle solving and investigation and the other is all run and gun and no brains).

2K literally has two polar opposite games for gamers but apparently that's not enough to satisfy this needs Michael Bay set pieces and Hans Zimmer theme songs, too.

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