Crysis 32 Vs. 64 bit - The Real Story?

YouGamers: "One thing that can't be denied about Crytek's demo of Crysis is that it's very newsworthy! A sharp eyed forum regular (cheers UTGeneral!) noticed that Legion Hardware had posted a brief comparison between how well Crysis runs in 32 bit and 64 bit modes. Their conclusion was that 64 bit was quite a bit better. Well that piqued my curiosity, so we gave it a bash too! Hmm, the results are... different..."

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skagrerrrr4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

configuration seems to be more stable with both dx9 & dx10, as for now.

When crysis finally comes out, the OC enthusiasts can tweak their rigs to establish which outperforms which.
I can't wait for this game!

BludoTheSmelly4870d ago

I should at least get 35 fps on my settings. My system is pretty beefy. Im even running the demo at a lower res and it doesnt help that much.