Sonic Generations – Everything We Know So Far & More From E3 2011 -StickTwiddlers

Phil from StickTwiddlers takes a look at everything we know about the next adventure for our blue hedgehog hero including the leaked Green Hill Zone gameplay footage and all the latest details out of E3 2011.

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Jack-Dangerously2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

That City Escape footage, to me is awesome(literally) I have a tattoo inspired by Sonic Adventure 2(just sayin how much I liked it. It's like a really good cheesy B-movie. probably makes sense that my favorite movies are The Evil Dead Trilogy).

Level looks amazing so far.. :)

xVeZx2685d ago

im really excited for this game

ZeroX98762684d ago

finally!!! THAT should have been sonic 4!!

lizard812882684d ago

a bit disappointed that modern sonic also switches from 3d to 2d. I thought that was what classic sonic was for.